CNN’s ‘New Day’ Crew Nukes Nikki Haley—Again

CNN has been harshly critical of Ron DeSantis Day of the NewIt is. But none of it has exhibited the visceral disdain that the show has heaped on another potential 2024 Republican contender—Nikki Haley.

Comme we have seen here and here Day of the NewHaley has a basic problem with us. She is “an idiot.”Flip-flopperThe “Weathervane“Twisting with the Political Winds” Day of the New broke out a new epithet for Haley this morning, branding her a “Pinball Machine” 

Day of the New devoted an unusually long segment—a good 10 minutes—to nuking Nikki today. The segment was teased by John Berman at the beginning of the program.

“Nikki Haley is a former governor and ambassador to United Nations. CurrentPolitical gymnast. You can do more twists, turns, and contortions on the floor than in an Olympic routine. Listen to what she had to say about former President Now

Day of the NewHaley’s comments yesterday at Ronald Reagan library were keyed by Haley, who said hatred for America was “a pandemic more destructive than any virus.” Some have interpreted her speech as setting the stage for a presidential bid in 2024.

Brianna, the cohost, attempted to trash Haley many different ways.

  • Keilar started by dismissing Haley’s chances of becoming president, and condescendingly claimed that Haley went from rising GOP star to “more of a Republican pinball Machine.”
  • Keilar complained about Dylann Roof’s white supremacist murder of nine African Americans in South Carolina during Haley’s time as governor. South Carolina didn’t have such laws so he was not convicted. Keilar neglected to mention the fact that Roof was convicted of murder in South Carolina and sentencing him to nine life sentences without parole terms.Just in case his Federal Death Penalty is not carried out.
  • Keilar made an absurd attempt at tying Haley to the 6th of January. The flag was displayed during the Capitol Riot, even though Haley as governor had removed it from South Carolina statehouse grounds. [see screencap.]Keilar was asking what exactly was the point?

Miles Taylor was a Trump former aide who echoed Keilar’s anti-Haley rhetoric. 

Taylor, “Anonymous,” is the man who wrote about Taylor. New York TimesOp-ed declaring that they were part of the “resistance” within Trump’s administration. At the time of publication The Times His title was “senior official”.“In the Trump government.” It would be a Cabinet Secretary or similar high-ranking officials. However, It turned out that he was only a mid-level aideAs chief of staff for DHS,

Taylor played with the parrot and accused Haley of being a liar. “Political gymnastics”and “Tie [herself] in knots.” And Taylor employed an insulting metaphor against a female politician, describing Haley as “Donald Trump prostrates herself before her feet.”

Haley is known to have changed her mind on President Trump’s behalf more than once. But that doesn’t explain CNN’s repeated, sneering, attacks on her. So what is it about Haley that arouses CNN’s unusual ire?  Could it be, as we speculated in April?

“A sense that Haley might pose the biggest electoral threat to President Biden—or, as the case may be—to Kamala Harris, who shares Indian-American heritage with Haley?”

CNN’s renewed attack on Nikki Haley was sponsored in part by Fidelity and Liberty Mutual.

You can find the transcription here.

Day of the New
6:06 A.M. EDT

BRIANNA KEILAR – Last nightNikki Haley was once an rising star of the GOP. Now she is more like a Republican pinball machineThis is the Ronald Reagan Library.

NIKKI HALEY: Many of our citizens are plagued by self doubt or hatred of America. This pandemic is more dangerous than any other virus.

KEAR: Former U.N. ambassador won’t allow more than 700,000. COVID deaths or counting to stop a pandemic that was politicized under her administration. She suggests liberals hate America and America doesn’t have racism problems.

. . 

It’s worth noting Dylann Roof was convicted of federal hate crime offenses, but he didn’t face hate crime state charges. South Carolina doesn’t have hate crimes laws.It still does not. . . In last night’s speech however, it was stated that “t…”He former governor removed the Confederate Flag from South Carolina Statehouse grounds and only for that symbol to be displayed in the U.S. Capitol by rioters in January. They whitewashed American experiences with racism and challenges that lie ahead of them, apparently all to appeal to conservatives.

. . 

Following January 6, 2017, Nikki Haley made this statement about Donald Trump. He let us down. He chose a wrong path. We shouldn’t have followed his lead. We shouldn’t listen to him. That can never happen again. She said that history will judge his actions from election day harshly.

Haley began to soften her views shortly thereafter. Even tried to visit Mar-a-Lago in order to touch the ring. But she was denied. She may have been right that Donald Trump will be judged harshly by history, but Nikki Haley won’t. She’s just too busy trying not to follow his lead.

. . 

MILES TAYLORPolitical gymnastics. That’s exactly what Nikki Haley does. She’s putting herself in a difficult position, but she is honest with us. She’s not only a candidate for the presidency but she is also a. Donald Trump’s feet, prostrating her.

. . 

We recently looked at a poll at Renew America Movement that showed Donald Trump’s number among Republicans dropped from approximately 50% to 25%. In terms of who the leader of the party is, he’s about equal with Ron DeSantis. For the first time in their tenures, most Republicans say they are ready for a change. Also, the Nikki Haleys see blood in their water. They are just having to You can twist your fingers in knots They want to prove that they are the ones who can take his place. Because they were unwilling to challenge him when he was still in power. 

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