CNN’s Don Lemon Went on Drunken ‘Grown A** Man’ New Year’s Eve Rant That Needs to Be Discussed – Opinion

Those who tuned into CNN to see the network’s usual cavalcade of drunken anchors and guests make wildly crude “jokes” and spill 50-gallon drums full of spiked tea on New Year’s Eve were not disappointed by this year’s embarrassing yet hilarious display.

For example, toasted Bravo TV host Andy Cohen lit up outgoing New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) during a back and forth with tipsy CNN host Anderson Cooper, pointing out among other things that the one thing Republicans and Democrats could agree on was that de Blasio was a “horrible” mayor for the city.

CNN also got duped by raunchy tweets about trolls. These tweets were displayed live on CNN, coming from fake accounts like Anita Dump or Ben Dover.

The wildest moments, though, undoubtedly came from the segments involving Cooper’s equally self-important colleague Don Lemon, who was obviously three sheets to the wind and feeling no pain as he provided his version of “commentary” alongside fellow CNNer Alisyn Camerota and comedienne Dulce Sloan while celebrating the end of 2021 in New Orleans.

Though a couple of the more eye-opening ones have gotten more attention (which I’ll get to in a minute), one that needs to see more sunlight is the rant that the drunk “CNN Tonight” host, who donned a purple sequin jacket for the occasion, went on at one point where he basically told his critics to “F” off. He also alleged that the reason his critics take him to task so often is for no other reason than because he’s a “successful black man”:

As the clock approached midnight, Lemon, who appeared boisterous and more outspoken than usual, ranted: ‘I don’t give a — what you think about me, what do you think about that.’


‘I am who I am. I’m a grown, successful black man who a lot of people hate because they’re not used to people seeing me – and people like me – in the position that I am,’ Lemon continued.

To be able to share what I…my point of view on television, it freaks people out. What do you know? I can let you kiss my back. I do not care.

‘I don’t care. I really don’t care. I have one life and this is who I am and I feel very, um…,’ at which point Sloan finished his sentence with the word ‘blessed’.

‘To be able to do this. All the hatred I receive? It’s motivation to me. Bring it, I don’t care,’ Lemon, who joined CNN in September of 2006, concluded.


Here’s the short version of my response: Horse sh*t. Read on below if you’re interested in the longer version.

The main reason people dunk on Don Lemon is that he is about as disingenuous as they come, and here’s one big example of that: One minute he’s talking about how bad the Capitol riot was “for democracy” and how riots are not the way to resolve political disputes, and then the next minute he’s not only actively encouraging rioting when it comes to radical BLM/Antifa types but he’s actually making excuses for why ThoseIn the American context, riots can be justified.

Another reason people routinely criticize Don Lemon is because he’s a flaming hypocrite. One minute he’s essentially calling Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is a murderer because he failed to implement statewide coronavirus vaccination and mask mandates. But in the next moment, he and his partner are on a trip to Florida for some time, relaxing poolside, and then meeting guests at luxurious resorts.While maskless.

Thirdly, the guy claims to be a “journalist” but as Fox News veteran anchor Bret Baier recently explained, Lemon and other media critics of Fox News clearly can’t distinguish between the opinion and news divisions at Fox News – primarily because the lines at CNN between such divisions are so blurred as to be non-existent. The network also paid very high prices in the ratings wars for cable news networks.

It’s possible to go on, but this is enough.

Lemon playing the race card in this matter was just as ridiculous to me as AOC playing AOC’s woman card after she was called out on her hypocrisy about Florida. For all their talk about being “fierce” and “tough,” minority Democrats like Lemon and AOC love to default to the drama queen/damsel in distress routine when they can’t handle legitimate criticisms, which is pretty much all the time.

Not only does it do a disservice to actual victims of racism and sexism, but it’s also poor form. I mean, if in your position of power and influence you can’t take the heat, then get the hell out of the kitchen and make room for people who can and stop embarrassing the people who you claim to speak for/represent because at this point it’s just downright pathetic and embarrassing.

And speaking of that, here’s another one of those moments from New Year’s Eve where the camera should have cut to commercial:

Even worse was this moment, where Dulce Sloan had to repeat a crude joke about the male anatomy to Lemon three or four times before he “got it.” Language warning ahead:

So much cringe. It took me so much time to put it all together. These were just the highlights. These were the lowlights.

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