CNN: ‘Racist Garbage’ To Think Democrats Seek Political Gain from Immigration

CNN will have you believe the Democrats are political parties. . . Politics should be above all else. Democrats don’t think that huge, unprecedented flows of immigrant across the southern border could help them politically in crafting their policies.

You disagree with this statement? You might think Democrats see immigrants like, to use Mark Steyn’s famous phrase, “undocumented Democrats.”

CNN broadcast this message Monday. A New Day In a segment that focused on the massacre at Buffalo supermarket, 10 people died. The screencap shows that CNN was clearly trying to accuse Republicans of inciting the alleged racist shooter.

Sunlen Serfaty, a CNN reporter, described Republicans and Conservatives as accepting a “far-right” Replacement theory. However, if you listen carefully to people’s comments in clips CNN played you will notice that their opinions on Dem immigration policies are explicitly framed in terms of this theory. Politics It is important to avoid expressing racial and ethnic prejudices that fringe people may express.

Rep. Brian Babin stated that the Democrat strategy was to “replace the American”Wählers.” Scott Perry, Rep. “Transform the political landscape.” Senatorial candidate J.D. Vance indicated that Democrats believe they cannot win without J.D. “Bring in many new voters.”Tucker Carlson stated that Democrats were “Importing an entirely new electorate.”

CNN is deceitfully edited Their clip of Sen. Ron Johnson. The bit where he stated that Democrats were trying to change American “demographics”, was rolled. But they omitted the immediate following: “To ensure that their — they remain in power forever.” Johnson was speaking about the Democrats. Politics ambitions. CNN reported that he was focusing on the implications for their plans in terms of racial and ethnicity. 

However, this didn’t stop Serfaty branding their views as “racist, anti-immigrant.”

John Berman was next. He claimed to be confused by how only one-third (according to polling) Americans believe that Democrats seek “political gains” through their immigration policies. 

Berman isn’t so foolish as to believe that politics don’t drive the Dems’ immigration policies. He managed to maintain his straight face, while straying from the line.

Supposed conservative and CNN commentator S.E. Cupp claimed that the shooter had acted on his own. “But there is a cause and effect to amplifying This garbageYou’re right, some of the results are not intended. This can cause animus racial, ethnic, and religious. This is what you want to do, which is turn neighbor against neighbor and make people mad and afraid.

CNN does not stir up religious or racial animus. CNN doesn’t turn neighbors against neighbours? CNN doesn’t believe people should be “angry” or afraid under Trump.

Cupp ended by accusing Republicans and conservative media of mainstreaming racists. GarbageThis once-disqualifying characteristic has now been mainstreamed and promoted by far-right media and political leaders. Hoods are no longer worn by themThey’re out in the open, they don’t hide down in the basement. They’re open and available to the public.

CNN, answer this question: If Democrats believed that millions of migrants crossing the southern border would vote Republican, what do you think about their immigration/border policies? 

We’re thinking their response might be 200-ft. high walls with moats, and guards every quarter-mile!

CNN’s accusation of those believing that politics is behind Democrats’ lax immigration policies and border of racism was funded in part by Lactaid and PNC. Clear Choice, Celebrity Cruises and Tempur-Pedic. 

The transcript is here.

Day of the New
6:28 am EDT

REP. BRIAN BABIN: We are aware of the activities of the Democrats. They want open borders. It is their exact strategy. This is exactly what they want. Replace The American electorate.

The SUNLEN SSERFATY is being promoted by a greater number of Republican lawmakers. far-rightSo-called Great Replacement Theory

REP. Scott Perry: What many Americans think is going on, or believe is happening right now, is the replacement of native-born Americans and national-born Americans to permanent. Transform the political landscapeThis is the exact nation.

SERFATY: Anti-immigrant, racist theoryAccording to this, non-white immigrants are being imported to America in order replace America’s black population.

SEN.RON JOHNSON – This administration seeks open and complete borders. You have to question why. Do they actually want to change America’s demographics or are they just trying to make it more open?

J.D. VANCE: Democrat politician who decided they couldn’t win reelection until they brought in a significant number of voters. Replace the voters That is already happening. It’s that simple.

. . .

SEVERITY: Voices on have amplified the theory. Fox News.

TUCKER CARLSON No, no, no! This is an issue of voting rights. Because they have more political power, I am less politically powerful. Importing a new electorate Why shouldn’t I just sit back and let it happen?

. . .

JOHNBERMAN: CNN’s political commentator S.E. joins us now. Cupp. S.E. A poll by the Associated Press found that 32% of Americans agree that a particular group is a “group of people”. The idea of replacing native-born Americans in favor of immigrants is a way to increase electoral support. What is the best way to get 32% of this idea?

S.E. CUPP: Well, right. I think it is important to state at the beginning that what this shooter did was solely his. I don’t know of anyone who told him to shoot up a supermarket.

There is an effect and cause to multiplying. This garbageYou’re right, some of the results are not intended. You can stir up religious animus and ethnic animus. It has the effect of making neighbors angry, afraid, and turning them against one another. That’s the way it spreads.

Next, they vote for those who share their beliefs. . . This GarbageIt was once considered disqualifying. But, political leaders and the far-right-wing media have made it so mainstream that they tThey’re no longer wearing hoods; they aren’t hiding in the basement. They are out in publicTalking about it, you know. Openly. As if this isn’t a huge deal.

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