CNN: Is Biden ‘Taking Notes’ After Guest Calls for Fighting Manchin ‘in the Streets?’

CNN was all too pleased to join the attacks on moderate Democratic Senators Wednesday, as far-left rhetoric is heating up against Joe Manchin, Kyrsten Silena, and Kyrsten Sinema. Nina Turner was co-chair of Bernie Sanders’s campaign for president and appeared here CNN Newsroom and snarled at the “extremist” senators, hoping that Joe Biden “takes it to the streets” in opposition to Manchin and Sinema. 

She raged, “[Manchin]Both Senator Sinema, as well as Senator Sinema, are extremes. Anyone hiding behind them will be considered an extremist. Because when you want to put your political concerns over democracy, when you serve in some of the highest offices of the land, then something is wrong with you.” 

Talking to CNN host, Bianna Golodryga, she escalated, “I do believe firmly that the President, not only the vision of FDR, but he’s got to take the message and the spirit that FDR had. You can call out the people and say: “I welcome all your hatred.” That’s what the President should do. Take it to the streets.” 

What did Golodryga do to respond to such disturbing rhetoric? She replied, “Perhaps [Joe Biden is]Before he presses you, he will listen to your voice and take notes..” 



Golodryga and Turner, along with former DNC Chair Ed Rendell, had already mapped out strategies to help save the Democrats during the midterms in 2022. 

Expect the President to highlight his achievements this year. At 3.9%, unemployment is at an all-time high. More Americans have had their vaccines. They have sent out thousands of millions of masks and tests. Do you believe that this is enough to win the victory lap? 

In December last year, I reported on four incidents of harassment or bullying that Sinema and Manchin suffered. However, the network bury the instances. So I inquired. 

So the question must be asked: Do journalists care about the safety of Manchin and Sinema? For the last few months, the two centrists have endured an escalating series of incidents in which leftist protesters follow them, yell in bathrooms, and show up at their homes. How has NBC, CBS, and ABC responded? The abuse has been largely ignored by them. 

It is still open to debate. It is concerning to hear left-wing rhetoric directed towards moderates. Journalists are responsible for trying to reduce the abuse. They ignore the abuse instead. 

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CNN Newsroom

BIANNA GOLODRYGA : In the meantime, President Biden will host a White House press conference on this afternoon to mark his first year anniversary. Biden enters his second term with the lowest approval ratings of any president today. We should expect some interesting news this afternoon. Ed Rendell (former governor of Pennsylvania) and Nina Turner (former senator from Ohio and the co-chair for Bernie Sanders 2020, will be joining me in discussion. We are both very pleased to have you. Let me start with Governor Rendell. He is likely to highlight his accomplishments this year. At 3.9 percent, the unemployment rate. More Americans have had their vaccines. They have sent out thousands of millions of masks and tests. Do you believe that this is enough to win the victory lap? 

GOLODRYGA – Nina, are you in agreement with the governor? Do you believe that American families are sharing the same dining table as China’s? That our growth is greater than China’s and that this year has been great for American consumers? Inflation is still at its multi-decade peak. There is a lot, frankly speaking, of Covid fatigue. The infrastructure bill was mentioned in the governor’s remarks. The infrastructure bill has been a failure, as have the voting rights legislation. That legislation is unlikely to be passed. We don’t have enough votes to support that plan, so we are recommending the Build Back Better plan. 

GOLODRYGA (Ed), let me add to that. Nina told us that Nina believes the president should make an FDR-move. You could say that that was what he wanted to pursue, and that he had been forced to do so in his first year. We’ll be clear. However, that’s not how it turned out. It is possible to argue for smaller numbers, so that voters have something they can show them. We are just months away of the midterm election. What do you think? What do you think? Nina may be right. Should he pursue the fdr or try to achieve as much as he can now? 

GOLODRYGA – Nina, I’m going to end this with you. We’re expecting to hear Senator Manchin today, as per what you’ve just heard. He will explain why the filibuster shouldn’t be abolished. After Kyrsten Sinema gave the speech just before the President’s visit, it was a similar thing. It preempted the President’s visit, and many would even say embarrassed him. He then went behind closed doors to discuss making a carve-out, which is right in the context of reforming voting rights. Thinking back to what Obama has accused Democrats of doing was what I was thinking. It’s like a circular firing squad. For much of this year, the focus has been on infighting within Democratic Party and less on what Republicans are doing as obstruction to any legislation the Democrats try to advance. What should that look like? Is it possible for Democrats to harm themselves? 

NINATURNER: NINA, it seems that the Republicans have lost all their loving minds. To quote my grandmother. Democrats must stand up to the people. As far as I am concerned, the filibuster should be abolished. They treat it as if it were a sacred thing. It is a Senate rule, and rules can be changed. This was evident in Senators Manchin’s and Senator Sinema’s embarrassment of the president that day. Progressives have held the line for President Obama and his vision. You know what, the progressives are right. And guess what? The Squad was right. 

The filibuster should not be separated from the Build Back better bill. We need both physical infrastructure as well as human infrastructure. So not only is the filibuster standing in the way of expanding and protecting voting rights, it is standing in the way, as a matter of fact, for the President’s —  most of the president’s agenda. What can Senator Manchin really say about the fact that he’s an extremist? He and Senator Sinema, both extremists are hiding behind extremists. If you place your political agenda above the interests of democracy and when you are in high office, something is not right. It is because of this that I strongly believe the President should not only carry FDR’s vision, but must also take FDR’s message and spirit to the office. Call out these folks, say, “I welcome your hatred.” That’s what the President should do. Get it out on the streets. 

GOLODRYGA: Perhaps he’s listening to you and taking notes ahead of his presser. Thanks to Ed Rendell and Nina Turner as always. 

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