CNN Hypocrites Rip Abbott Limiting Business ‘Freedom,’ Ignore Newsom’s Gender-Neutral Law

CNN’s CNN Today Show highlighted the double standards in liberal-media media. Neue Day co-host John Berman accused Texas Governor Greg Abbott of hypocrisy for signing an executive order prohibiting any entity, including private businesses, from enforcing Covid-vaccine mandates.

Taunted Berman

“Texas Governor Greg Abbott loves to boast about Texas as a state that is pro-businessHe also signed an executive agreement Businesses are severely restricted in their freedom to make their own decisions.”

Question: Does anyone recall Berman, or any CNNer, calling out the Democrat California governor? Gavin Newsom, who advocated and signed recently a law that required big-box stores create gender-neutral toy aisles, was also accused of restricting businesses’ choices. We do not.

Also, consider this: Abbott issued his executive order to promote Each individual You have freedom to choose Information about the Covid vaccination CNN has a history of valuing the freedom of business over people’s.

CNN anchor Laura [daughter of Valerie]Jarrett then increased the use of double standards and expressed concern about churches who might wish to create a mandate for vaccines. Jarrett suggested twice that it would be interesting if a church filed a legal challengeAbbott has given his order. You might be curious to know how the Supreme Court would handle this.

It is simply too generous. When’s the last time the liberal media ever expressed support for the rights of religious individuals and institutions to object on moral/religious grounds to government rules on anything from baking cakes, to adoption, contraception, abortion, etc? Hypocrisy at its finest is when churches suddenly become solicitous.

Texas is known for being a state that’s business-friendly. Governor Abbott should be proud. Forbes recently published Texas is ranked #2 in “Best States for Business”. California, home to Newsom is in the bottom half. 

CNN’s double-standard on restricting freedom of choice for private businesses was partially sponsored by Zales, Sleep Number, Carvana and Sleep Number.

The transcript is here.

Neue Day
6:14 am EDT

JOHNBERMAN: Overnight development Texas Governor Greg Abbott likes to extol Texas’ pro-business statusHe also signed an executive agreement Businesses are severely restricted in their freedom to choose. 

Abbott forbade any business, even private, to impose vaccine requirements on employees. CNN Early Start reporter and attorney Laura Jarrett joins the discussion. This is legal? He can do it?

LAURA JARRETT (Legally speaking, this is suspicious and most likely to be dismissed). 

. . 

But he’s playing a really dangerous game. This will cause children to get sick and even die.He’s now extending the offer to private-business owners.

JARRETT: Yes! However it’s also pretty rich coming from, as you pointed out in your intro, a conservative who labels himself as pro-business, right? This is an owner of a private company. You’re telling them they can’t protect their workers. 

A second interesting fact is that Think about a church who wants the vaccination.Is that possible? This would make for an intriguing challenge.It is illegal for a church to order the vaccination. What is the likelihood of that? What will the U.S. Supreme Court think about this?

BERMAN: It’s a topsy-turvy idea. You can also enter the opposite religious direction.


BERMAN : The reverse is religious entry into it.


BERMAN As we mentioned, major companies will have issues with this.

JARRETT: Major challenges.

BERMAN: There are other businesses with a large workforce in Texas. We’ll be watching this very closely.

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