CNN Hails Massive Democrat Spending Bill: Our ‘New Deal!’

CNN has one view on large government. It’s bigger is better.

Continue readingNeue DayThe panelists and hosts could not see any positives in a $1.7 trillion spending bill and they could only wish for more.

This was the focus. Who will they be?GetIt was believed that every need could be addressed by the government. There are The government has to deal with endless “crises”.New programs. Some people may be “disappointed” that the bill only amounts to $1.7 trillion instead of $3.5 trillion as the Dems had hoped.  

Brianna, the cohost, said that even though the current bill was “gigantic,” she believes there are additional pieces. You are requiredTo be there.” CNN Commentator Jess McIntosh agreed naturally, thinking that it was possible to “do more” in order to tackle a range of “crises.”

In the final ode to big government CNN commentator Errol Louis hailed the bill as “our version of the New Deal.”



We must remember, FDR’s New Deal didn’t end the Depression. This bill set the country on the road to soft socialism. Louis claimed that this bill would help us cut child poverty in half. But he didn’t take into account the monumental failure of LBJ’s War on Poverty. It has been created in 60s and spent trillions. Yet, almost every indicator of the social or economic wellbeing among its beneficiaries shows that things have worsened.

The bill did not mention the new, severe taxes that would accompany it, nor how these will affect the average American who works for or buys from them.

Liberal media are unable to imagine that Manchin would be disappointed by the news that he has agreed to You can do it!As much as $1.7 trillion. Millions of Americans still believe in self-reliance and individual liberty, rejecting government assistance. [read, intrusion]Our lives.

CNN’s suppport for the Democrat $1.7 trillion spending plan, while wishing for more, was sponsored in part by Samsung, Lexus, Tractor Supply, and FlexSeal.

The transcript is here.

Neue Day
6:14 am EDT

JOHN BERMAN – Big developments in negotiations regarding President Biden’s sweeping social spending package. The package may lead to major changes for students, seniors and new parents. 

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ERROL LOUIS: There’s a lot resting on this this done, imagine dental and vision for seniors forever—or, at least for a few years and then it becomes forever. Think about helping kids go to college. On the opposite end, there is pre-kindergarten for children; the child credit. It is big, big, big, stuff. This is our version of The New Deal.

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BRIANNA KEILAR – It is A huge social safety net is right?It was six trillion at first. It’s now less. However, it is still massive. Still, there are pieces to put in.Jess.

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JESSMCINTOSH, I believe that we are currently looking at. Do we tackle as many crises possible?Do you want to do it for a shorter time or are there other options? . . I’m hopeful. Ich bin optimistic. That kind of attitude is what I want. We can hope to do more when it is necessary.

BERMAN:  How much of This is all about framingWhat do you think? It is interesting. It’s interesting to talk about the things you aren’t worried about. Errol, I read members of congress saying, It’s time to begin talking about how people will get it.That they aren’t. There will soon be $1.7 trillion in value where there is zero right now.

LOUIS: Yes. It’s been reported for several months as $3.5 trillion. Is it possible? To a certain degree There are many people who woke up today and they will be surprised to learn that it is only $1.7 trillion.This pandemic has left us feeling a little spoilt. 

It is a fact that, if you are not careful enough, it can be very difficult to get rid of a problem. You are making progress towards reducing child poverty by halfThat is a huge achievement many people dream of for generations. It’s an incredible achievement to be able to take that step further, regardless of whether you’re looking at child care or enhancements.

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