CNN Hack Harwood Defends Biden’s Pitiful Press Conference Performance

CNN’s John Harwood, a shameless Biden sycophant is revealed to be. In an interview last month we saw Harwood claim that Biden’s shirk of responsibility in COVID was only a “throwaway” line. Harwood said that Biden was being polite and that more has been made out of the beginning of the discussion than is necessary.

Harwood is back Neue DayFriday morning. He defended Biden’s poor press conference performance, as expected. In the screencap, Harwood displayed his shameless sycophancy. “Harwood: Pundits got Biden’s News Conference wrong.”

Harwood specifically justified Biden’s doubts about the legitimacy of the midterms elections and said that Putin may have made a small incursion in Ukraine. This might be a reason for the US to not respond fully.



Harwood stated that Biden’s question of whether the election results will be legal if the “voting rights” bills aren’t passed was a matter of Republicans trying to subvert election integrity and thus threatening “democracy.” In contrast, Harwood claimed, “Biden leads Democrats to attempt to,” Protect Integrity of Elections 

Right. It protects elections integrity by allowing instant registration and weakening the voter ID requirements. Gotcha, John. 

Harwood mentioned “election specialists” who said that Biden’s insistence on not certifying that the election would be legitimate was dangerous because it might undermine the “confidence” of voters. Translated: Biden might be disincentivizing his base from voting. Harwood, along with the experts, are worried that Biden’s remarks might reduce Democrat success chances.

Harwood said that Biden’s “minor intrusion” statement did not cause any damage, as Putin knew from sources that this was their position. Harwood denied the protestations of Ukrainian officials. He said that this was something they were required to “have” for public consumption because Biden’s statement “sounds terrible.” 

Kasie Hunt got in a nice little zingerAt the end of it, say that Biden might have indicated his weakness by the way he performed.Our allies. This adds to the danger. Got that, Harwood?

PS. Harwood needs to be told by somebody that we are not in 1987, but in 2022. Ukraine Harwood spoke about different offences that the Soviet Union might be guilty of. 

On CNN, shameless pro-Biden hack John Harwood defending Biden’s pitiful press-conference performance was sponsored by Johnson & Johnson, maker of Zyrtec, Liberty Mutual, and Fidelity.

You can find the transcription here.

Neue Day
6:39 am ET

KASIE HUNT – In the President Biden’s first news conference in this year’s, he indicated that the legitimacy and success of the next midterm election might be dependent on the passing of voting rights legislation.

JOE BIDDEN It’s not going to happen, but I doubt it.This is directly proportional to the fact that we have not been able to achieve these reforms.

HUNT: This has raised questions as to whether it is equivalent to Trump’s attempt to undermine election integrity. Our next guest disagrees with that equivalency. John Harwood (CNN White House correspondent) will be joining us. John Harwood, CNN White House correspondent John Harwood, joins us now.

JOHN HARWOOD : Kasie, first of all, we are glad to be back. It’s wonderful to 

HUNT: We are grateful. We are so glad to be there.

HARWOOD Donald Trump was defeated in the 2020 election. It was a lie, he claimed fraud and tried to reverse it legaly, but failed. Tried to force election officials into giving me more votes. Then he incited mob violence towards the Capitol. He wanted to corrupt the elections. After Trump lost the 2020 election, Republican legislators across the country tried to corrupt it again. It’s quite shocking. This is why we have been covering “democracy at peril.”

Joe Biden, the leader of Democrats trying to Protect Election integrityThese are fundamentally very different. 

Some of these are now available. The election experts who I spoke to suggested that he shouldn’t suggest that the election may be illegal. Because You don’t need to You can trigger an electoral confidence equivalent to a bank run, and more undercut confidence. But The real threat to American democracy is the Russians. Joe Biden was emphasizing this.

JOHNBERMAN : John also received criticisms for how he spoke about Ukraine. What if there was a more accurate way to view it? Does it seem as detrimental as others suggest?

HARWOOD: Joe Biden referred to the various responses. There are many offenses The Soviet Union [sic]These are private statements made by our diplomats or national security officials. If the diplomats have been speaking to journalists and other diplomats privately, It’s hard to imagine anything Joe Biden referred to not being known by Vladimir Putin.Vladimir Putin is the one who makes decisions. If it does not change the fact that Putin is making his decision as to what it means, then how important would this greenlight be? 

Absolutely Because it is a matter of public concern, Ukraine had to act because it sounds awful.It does change the dynamic of Vladimir Putin’s decision. It’s not clear to me.

HUNT: That’s a fascinating point. You will be happy to know, however, that Vladimir was there. Putin tried to cause division within the United States to try to weaken us.

HARWOOD: No question. .

HUNT: Any perception that Joe Biden has weakness is a danger to our allies. 

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