CNN Guest Gives the Game Away in Deranged Rant on Controlling Speech – Opinion

Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter has made all the right people mad, and that includes a lot of the talking heads within the mainstream media. Initial reactions were as overwrought as you’d expect, with cable news setting its collective hair on fire.

But, if anyone thought the passage of time would bring about some moderation, I can assure you that hasn’t happened. CNN had a very funny round table on Sunday with April Ryan, Brian Stelter and David Zurawik. While obviously being an avid political observer, I’ll admit to having no idea who Zurawik is. However, I was able to make an impression on him my very first time meeting him. Namely, that he’s deranged.

While discussing Musk’s acquisition, Zurawik lit into a hysterical rant about the supposed dangers of unabridged free speech. Zurawik managed to make the deal clear about the real reason this deal has driven the media crazy.

The entire segment is bonkers, but here’s the money quote.

There’s a bigger problem here about how we’re going to control the channels of communications in this country.

And that’s what this is really about. The far-left Democrats seated at the table don’t really care about harassment online. They couldn’t care less about real disinformation, and they don’t lose a bit of sleep over supposed “hate speech” on social media. This is all really about controlling dominant narratives.

CNN and other media outlets are used to seeing the cards in their favor. Their special carveouts allow them to promote virtually anything without second thoughts. The algorithms are bent to their will, they own the “fact-checkers,” and they rely on being able to dictate what gets traction and what doesn’t. Although Hunter Biden’s true story is censored by the media, his misleading tales are promoted to the Top Trending List.

Musk has promised to end all this. Worse for them, he’s promising to peel back the curtain and expose what’s been happening for years. The billionaire has already said an open-source algorithm is coming, and he’s also making transparency a priority in his decision-making. This is something the left loathes. They don’t want to play by the same rules as everyone else, and now that they might have to, they are lashing out in more and more tyrannical ways. Remember, we’re only talking about one platform. That’s how spoiled they are by the bias that normally does their bidding. Imagine how they’d act if the playing field was leveled further?

It is a shame that I have to tell Zurawik, his colleagues and their friends this. But they are the worst. They are the ones losing their minds over the prospect that the government, colluding with huge corporations, might not have quite the same grip on the flow of information they’ve had in the past. It’s pathetic to see them get so worked up over Musk, who himself is fairly liberal. These people are worthy of ridicule, and now they act like kids.

Still, this isn’t child’s play. It is serious. We must take on an industry which is so desperate to suppress basic freedom of speech.

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