CNN Analyst: Biden’s Mishandling of Afghanistan Emboldens Putin To Invade Ukraine

The hits—of the bad sort—just keep on coming for Joe Biden.

Yesterday, we noted CNN’s Neue DayBiden’s failures on the domestic front are highlighted. 

Today, Neue DayThe international scene was the focus of his attention. And—zing!—a prominent journalist opined thatVladimir Putin is now ready to invade Ukraine because of Biden’s terrible handling of Afghanistan’s withdrawal.

David Sanger, Washington chief correspondent New York TimesShe doubles as an analyst at CNN. Kasie Hunt, a substitute host on CNN, invited Sanger to give his dim view about Biden.

“One thing we are certain of”Vladimir Putin: He is someone who cares deeply about the person sitting across the tableHe is also his adversary. How do you feel about the US officials evaluating Putin’s thoughts on President Biden?

Sanger said that Obama had been Biden’s veep before he was elected.Russia invaded Crimea in April 2014. The US’s reaction was too little and too late.Hunt offered similar criticisms, calling Obama’s reaction to Russian annexation, “muted actions, frankly.”

The big hit was then scored by Sanger:

The bigger problem of How it happens that Putin views BidenIt’s amazing. You have to remember that He sees the Afghan withdrawalHe examines the American political split and how the country has become more inward-looking. And he decides to think, “This is most likely as good of a moment as I am going to get.”

Hunt replied, implicitly agreeing with Sanger’s position:

Remarkable statementDavid Sanger, we thank you so much for everything.Excellent reporting.” 

This morning’s exchange shows that Biden’s incompetence and weakness could endanger security for the United States as well as our allies across the globe. Russia is not the only one watching. China, Iran and North Korea are all likely to be watching, as well as al Qaeda and ISIS.

Notable: Sanger implicitly criticised Biden’s decision not to apply Russia sanctions until after the election. After An invasion of Ukraine.That raises many interesting questions about timing.” 

We’ll credit CNN—in a switch from its normal unflagging support for Biden—for now starting to tell some uncomfortable truths about his incompetence, and the dangerous potential repercussions thereof.   

On New Day, David Sanger of the New York Times and CNN saying that Biden’s handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal has emboldened Putin to invade Ukraine was sponsored in part by Subaru, Consumer Cellular, Farmers Insurance, ADT, and Sandals.  

The transcript is here.

Neue Day
7:04 am ET

KASIE HUNT: I’m wondering, One thing that we know about Vladimir Putin It’s not surprising that US officials I spoke with spent so much time on this topic. He cares deeply about those around himIn his place is Joe Biden, the Vice-president. Right now it could be President Joe Biden. He was, after all, Vice-president during the time of former president. Barack Obama chose to be muted when Russia annexed CrimeaIn 2014, back 

Do you think the US officials evaluate Putin’s views on President Biden in this way?How far is Biden Administration willing to take us? Was there anything Biden learned from this experience as Vice President?

DAVID SANGER: This is a very interesting topic. Biden and his entire team who were present in the Crimea crisis of 2014 knew that. They did not do enough, and they were too late, right? They were caught off guard by the invasion and the sanctions. The sanctions they put in place were then directed at smaller banks. It was intended to slowly increase the pressure. 

We heard itJake Sullivan is the President’s National Security Adviser.They will start out big, then they will move up. However, there are still some things to consider.They won’t get started until Putin invades. This raises interesting questions about timing. 

It is more important to ask how Putin views Biden.It’s truly fascinating. It’s also fascinating to know thatIt is hard to believe that he views the Afghan withdrawal from his perspective.He examines the American political split and how the country has become more inward-looking.And he decides this is probably the best moment he will have.He should, particularly if he believes that the Ukrainians will become more militarily powerful in the coming years.

HUNT: It’s an a remarkable statement. David Sanger, Thank You Very Much, As Always, For Your Kindness. Great reporting.This is what we really value.

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