CLOWN Robert Reich: Elon Musk’s ‘Libertarian’ Views on Internet ‘Dream of Every Dictator’

Clinton stooge Robert Reich seemed to forget the meaning of the word “contradiction” while attacking the world’s richest man’s Libertarianism views on the internet.

The former Secretary of Labor scaremongered to his readers how Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s “vision for the internet is dangerous nonsense.” But then Reich immediately contradicted himself in the subheadline for his April 12 Guardian op-ed: “Musk has long advocated a libertarian vision of an ‘uncontrolled’ internet. That’s also the dream of every dictator, strongman and demagogue.” Uh, what? Apparently Reich doesn’t understand the definition of the word “libertarian”: “Libertarians are classical liberals who strongly emphasize the individual right to liberty.” 



Tablet Magazine Chief Technology Officer Noam Blum summed up Reich’s nonsense perfectly: “Ahh yes! The authoritarian dream, of an open, free and uncensored internet.”



The contradiction was apparently so bad that Reich’s sub-headline was changed within hours of publishing it: “Musk now faces no limit on how much of Twitter’s stock he can buy. He’ll buy as much as he needs to gain total control.” However, he argued against himself again by saying that Musk’s libertarian view of a free internet was bad because it needs a Big Tech oligarch who can pull the strings in the twelfth paragraph:

Musk has long advocated a libertarian vision of an ‘uncontrolled’ internet. This vision is dangerous garbage. There’s no such animal, and there never will be. Each platform requires someone to determine the algorithm. – how they’re designed, how they evolve, what they reveal and what they hide. Musk is able to silently exercise this kind of control on Twitter because he has the money and power necessary. [emphasis added.]

Earth to Reich: You can’t accuse someone of wanting a free internet then make him seem like he wants to be a dictator.

But Reich wasn’t finished. Reich continued to whine and display blatant hypocrisy.

Musk believes that responsibility comes along with power, but he has never believed it. He’s been unperturbed when his Tweets can cause real suffering. He has repeatedly threatened journalists during his lengthy and rich Twitter history. Tweeted reckless things [emphasis added.]

Quite a lecture coming from the same guy who tweeted “‘Democratic senators should have given [Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ)] the backs of their hands.” Reich reportedly said this following Sinema’s vote against killing the Senate filibuster.

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