Cloud Monitoring: Giving You a View Into How Good the Cloud Can Get

The explosion of technology into all corners of today’s society will be the centerpiece of this century. One of the most revolutionary products of contemporary technology is cloud infrastructure. Nowadays, virtually everybody has access to the most time-efficient, space-efficient, and resource-efficient resource that humanity has ever seen. Yet, this innovation is not without drawbacks and its novelty means it has yet to be optimized.

In commercial utilization, some companies have increased difficulty in analyzing processes that have been virtualized in the cloud. Namely, ineffective tools and scattered metrics are the main culprits. Poor resources provided to data analysts require significant effort to assort and organize, leading to an inability to effectively perceive cloud processes. Numerically, there is a 330% increase in incidents and 238% increase in cyberattack frequency due to ambiguity of cloud data.

To mitigate these issues, cloud monitoring solutions have risen. With these services, data within cloud applications and third-party metrics alike are centralized and more easily comparable. Additionally, ineffective tools are replaced with tools that isolate network and application performance to properly address where an issue is stemming from. Ultimately, many services, like LiveAction, are quintessential for the current state of cloud services. They allow you to reap the full benefits of cloud services while mitigating most of the problems, which allows any cloud-integrated business to thrive.

The Importance of Cloud Monitoring & Why It’s So Hard
Source: Live Action

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