Chuck Norris Triggers Libs by Announcing He’s the New Spokesman for Glock

“Glock sleeps with a Chuck Norris under their pillow.”

Chuck Norris was named the new spokesman for Glock on Monday, triggering renewed fire in the culture war over guns.

According to Glock, Norris will appear in its digital and social media campaigns and make public appearances for the company, starting at the National Rifle Association’s annual conference in Indianapolis later this month.

“Having [Norris] represent the Glock brand brings two iconic names together that are mutually committed to perfection and their fan base,” said the gunmaker’s vice president, Josh Dorsey. “We couldn’t be more excited about this partnership.”

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Norris, a 79-year-old Air Force vet turned champion martial artist and actor, said he too was “excited” about the new role, which was formerly held by fellow actor and Marine legend R. Lee Ermey.

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Norris has a long history of gun rights advocacy. He has starred in videos to support the Second Amendment and NRA initiatives including the “Trigger The Vote” campaign. In addition, he has spoken and written about his conservative and Christian views.

Norris has carried variety of iconic firearms on TV and film, including in his famous role as the title character in the “Walker Texas Ranger.”

Still, some gun-control advocates reacted with dismay to news of Norris’ Glock contract, which came weeks after a mass shooting in New Zealand shook up in U.S. politics, including on guns.

One Facebook commenter accused Norris of defiling his Christian faith by promoting guns, setting off a lengthy debate about the the Bible’s position on killing.

Other critics feared that Norris would further drive up gun sales as the face of Glock.

Supporters of gun rights did little to alleviate such concerns, with many immediately declaring plans to buy a Glock in Norris’ honor.

More than anything, though, fans just wanted to make Chuck Norris jokes. 

“Now Glock officially own a weapon of mass destruction,” quipped a Facebook user.

“Glock needed a permit to carry Chuck Norris!” said another.

Over on Twitter, there were more jokes.

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