Christian Church Leads Prayer to the ‘God of Pronouns,’ the ‘Great They/Them’ Who Breastfeeds – Opinion

If you weren’t aware, last Thursday was the International Transgender Day of Visibility. Iowa City’s church offered an appropriate prayer for this occasion.

As seen in a video posted to the First Presbyterian Church’s website, Director of Christian Education Anna Sheetz introduces the April 3rd invocation thusly:

The International Transgender Day of Visibility was held on Thursday, March 31, 2013. We welcome our queer and transgender siblings to the PCUSA and into the family of the Creator God. This is why I am praying a special prayer today. I need your help.

Anna implores the “God of pronouns,” who breastfeeds:

O God of Pronouns we praise the Great One, who is identified as God.

“I am what I am,” You say.

The Great “They,” the Incarnate “He” and “She,” the God of Trans-Being.

Fathering God by impregnating Mary


Breastfeeding God Of Many Breasts will shatter stereotypes. It will make everyone male or female.

You can have male and female intersex.

It’s exactly as you see it.

God is both flexible and affirmative

Spectrum Rainbow God, Who put Your promise to non-violence in the symbol of queer love prior to humanity.

Because You knew.

Who had Joseph, who could not sleep with a woman in a beautiful lady’s cloak, perhaps of rainbow colors.

We knew before you did.

God of Pronouns, who said, “You can call me ‘He’ or ‘She’ or ‘They,’ whatever makes you feel closest to Me.”

On this Day of Invisible and Visible God reminds us that visibility, celebrations, lateness, affirmation and acceptance are all but non-existent.

The minister beholds the “Great They/Them”:

God of Saul and Paul, Simon and Jacob, Isaac and Simon Peter, Abram, Sarai, Abraham and Sarah and God of Joseph, God Of Joseph, God Of Joseph’s Coat of Many Colors, God The Virgin Mary and God All Found Families In the Bible

Remember that We are Your full identity, including name, family found, and pronouns.

We give you thanks for this and praise the Great I AM. The Great They/Them.

God, thank you.

Now, take the words of our father, mother and sister God and start praying. [recites the Lord’s Prayer]…

It’s certainly different than anything ever prayed onLittle House on the Prairie

We’re living in truly transformative times. According to my best knowledge, America was once a country where culture was largely influenced by the church. This direction seems to be radically different.

As the Master of the Universe looks upon Earth, is he concerned for our socially-constructed syllables — those words some person made up which no one will ever say to us, as they’re merely references to us in absentia?

It seems an additional concern because God breastfeeds.

God, of course, is an amazing mystery. So is each human being.

As you all know, everyone has their own idea of a Creator.

For those at the First Presbyterian Church of Iowa City, He/She/They/Xe/Ey/Zie/Ve/Ne/the Great Bunself is of the rainbow and fully-affirming sort. God wants you to call Him/Her/Them/Xem/Em/Zim/Ver/Nem whatever you prefer, as He/She/They/Xe/Ey/Zie/Ve/Ne sides with those who demand you only call them what they want to the exclusion of what you prefer.

Thus go the mysteries in the universe, and so the mysteries God.

The transformation of religion is possible

Despite the inclusivity of Sunday’s prayer, First Presbyterian still has a ways to go toward achieving Total Wokeness. In its insufficient state, it mentioned “our mother”…



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