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After all the drama surrounding Chris Rock’s Oscars win, it’s heartening that he wasn’t hurt and that no concussion occurred. Now, I’m not a doctor so I can’t say for sure he didn’t suffer a concussion (and neither am I a biologist), but I do know he is one smart man.

A damn true American.

This story has been covered from its inception two weeks ago, to Saturday’s latest posting by Bob Hoge (our brand-new colleague). Does it make sense to criticize Will Smith’s slapping of Chris Rock? It Shouldn’t Be.

Here was my offering the day after it happened, and I have once again been proven RIGHT — that the comics of the world are having a field day teeing off on Will and Jada. To be fair, however, it would have been possible to guess that. (Now, if only I could pick the right numbers for my lottery.

Here’s a brief excerpt from the article.

Will Smith Was Hurt by the Oscars. Now Come the Real Jokes

Chris Rock is one of the most successful and respected comics of the last 25 years and he told a mild joke last night about Will Smith’s wife, Jada. It was not a joke, it was. Jada admitted infidelity to Rock in their marriage.

So if anyone thinks that Chris Rock’s peers are going to sit by and allow one of their own to be attacked over a joke, you are going to watch a magnificent display of how good comics can dissect you in a heartbeat. I’m not talking just about big names either — you are going to have up-and-comers, people who are somewhat known, all dive in on how Smith totally overreacted to this joke.

Will Smith will verbally kick anyone who dares to, and it is not going away.

One of the reasons that Chris Rock is successful is not just because he’s funny, but because he is smart about the way he handles his business. He kept his calm right after he was attacked by Smith at the Oscars, and now he has his eyes set on a special, in which he will do a deep-dive into all of this — and it will make him There are many bucks. As he says, he is eager to be paid for his opinions. Click HERE

Chris Rock hosted a comedian show recently, following the Slap Gate controversy. [sic]Jokes about the incident were made. According to the local newspaper Desert Sun, Chris Rock was seen telling the audience at Fantasy Springs Resort Casino in California’s Coachella Valley he said, “Life is good.” Chris also joked about getting his hearing back after Will slapped him.

Chris Rock said that he was ready to host a full show about the controversy but would not speak publicly. He said, “I’m OK, I have a whole show and I’m not talking about that until I get paid.”

Capitalism at its best

Rock and his crew made the right decision to let this issue sit for a while and take a break. Instead of going out the following weekend — he had some comedy shows scheduled in Boston — he has been just working some quick references about what happened into his shows. He may be negotiating for an HBO special or Netflix special in order to discuss it.  People who bought tickets to his shows may be upset about this. Or a leftist–in general–might get pissy about it because Chris Rock is already a millionaire, so why does he want more money.

However, anyone who is in the same boat and knows how to capitalize on it will try to convert a situation such as that into dollars. Those that say they wouldn’t are just flat-out lying.

So, I hope he gets that deal done sooner rather than later, and I’ll make sure to get the stream of that sucker on whatever platform he decides to go with, because I fully anticipate laughing my arse off.

We surely need it today, in Biden’s America.

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