Chip Roy Rips Into Biden, Mayorkas After CBP Report Clears Agents of ‘Whipping’ Migrants – Opinion

Not long after the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency announced the punishment for the agents at the center of the fake migrant “whipping” nontroversy that the media and Democrats stirred up in September 2021, the CBP’s report on their “investigation” into the matter was released, providing additional details as to why the agents were given “unpaid suspensions” rather than something much stronger, considering what they were accused by Joe Biden of doing.

The section related to the “whipping” allegations has understandably gotten the most attention. In it, the CBP confirmed what most of us living in the real world already knew – the “whipping” didn’t happen. What these agents were disciplined for amounted to “denigrating comments” and riding a horse around a child in an “unsafe manner”:

Chip Roy (Republican from Texas), who is not afraid to attack his Democratic colleagues, and the Biden government over their numerous failures in appropriately and swiftly managing the southern border crises, attacked Biden as well DHS Sec. Alejandro Mayorkas spoke out about the issue, noting that all this, including the 511-page report, was done to give the administration some cover following the collapse of their false narratives.

Secretary Mayorkas has proven he is willing to put the depraved media’s narrative ahead of the truth. He doesn’t deserve to lead the good men and women of Border Patrol who sacrifice every day for our country’s security and should be impeached.

For 10 months DHS hasn’t even been willing to answer basic questions about the ‘whipping’ incident last September. Even though I sent several letters in January and June, I never got any concrete answers.

But today we learned what we knew all along — the accused Border Patrol Agents in Del Rio did nothing wrong. There was never any criminal activity for the DHS IG to look into, and CBP’s own investigation found no evidence any migrants were whipped or struck by agents.

But this administration can’t miss a chance to destroy the morale of our overrun, hardworking Border Patrol for political gain, and it issued disciplinary action anyway to finish off one of the most despicable displays of leadership seen from any cabinet Secretary.

For a quick refresher, see the following report by Fox News reporter Bill Melugin. Bill Melugin has been live reporting from the border since well before a year. He referred back (starting at around the 1:40 mark) to the numerous times Democrats and Biden administration officials including Joe Biden himself convicted the agents of “whipping” before an investigation was even announced, let alone had a chance to be conducted:

As I said before, ultimately, these disciplinary measures are about saving Joe Biden’s bacon on this manufactured issue and nothing more.

What an absolutely pathetic display of “leadership” from the President of the United States, but then making mountains out of molehills to appeal the woke mobs in his base is who Joe Biden is, so it’s really not a good idea to expect anything better out of him.

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