ChiComs Whine Ominously About US Military Sales to Republic of China as the Window Closes on ‘Reunification’ – Opinion

Friday saw the US Defense Security Cooperation Agency announce that $108 million was approved for spare and repair parts as well US government and contractor assistance to Taiwan’s Republic of China (ROC), also called Taiwan. These funds will go towards modernizing and maintaining the nation’s weapons, armored and other vehicles. Next, Congress will need to approve the sale.

Unless Hunter Biden reminds the “Big Guy” that he might lose his 10 percent or the members of Congress known to be humping Chinese spies object, Congress will approve the sale.

But the ChiComs are plagued by gritty panties. The following is an excerpt from a Chinese military news release. It gives you an idea of what the Chinese response was like.

The U.S. arms sales to China’s Taiwan region seriously violate the one-China principle and the three China-U.S. joint communiques, particularly the Aug. 17 Communique, grossly interfere in China’s internal affairs, gravely jeopardize China’s sovereignty and security interests, and severely harm relations between the two countries and their militaries. It is strongly opposed by the Chinese.

The Taiwan question concerns China’s national sovereignty and territorial integrity and involves China’s core interests. Recently, the U.S. has repeatedly promised China the “five assurances” i.e., ”the US does not seek a new Cold War with China; it does not aim to change China’s system; the revitalization of its alliances is not targeted at China; the United States does not support ‘Taiwan independence’; and it has no intention to seek a conflict with China”, clearly stated that it does not support “Taiwan independence”. The US has shown no integrity and is inconsistent in its actions and words on Taiwan’s issue with arms sales.

China calls on the U.S. to immediately cancel the Taiwan arms sale plan and end all military and arms sales to Taiwan. US will bear the entire responsibility of destroying China-U.S. bi- and mil-tomil relations as well as the stability and peace across the Taiwan Strait.

What needs to be emphasized is that Taiwan’s future, as well as the safety, security, and well-being of Taiwan compatriots cannot be bought. The Taiwan’s Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) authorities and the ‘Taiwan independence’ separatist forces were vainly trying to rely on the U.S. to strengthen themselves, and attempted to “seek independence by force”, which is just like quenching a thirst with poison. The Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) will take all necessary measures to firmly safeguard China’s national sovereignty and territorial integrity and will resolutely thwart any form of interference by external forces and separatist plots of “Taiwan independence.”

The Republic of China is regularly opposed by Communist China to US military assistance. This objection doesn’t appear to be unusually strong. The aid provided is not controversial, certainly not on the level of President George W. Bush’s promise to sell eight diesel-electric boats (a deal that the ChiComs successfully bullied into non-existence). Today is different.

One year ago, the ChiComs considered conquering, sorry to say, reunification of a rebellious region as inevitable. Joe Biden, while an idiot at times, and a clinically insane person on many days of the year, it was clear that he was a fool on good days. A virus that was leaked from a Chinese lab and partly funded by grants from the NIH had decimated the US economy. US military unleashed the dog of wokeism and effectively destroyed the need for warrior spirit to operate. Particularly, the US Navy will take the brunt of any battle with China and is quickly becoming a laughing stock. These ships look more like Soviet trawlers of the Cold War. We’ve lost two destroyers to collisions that could have been avoided with competent ship-handling skills. The USS Bonhomme Richard was lost to a fire that the Navy could’ve extinguished. (Please see the link from my friend @cdrsalamanderYou will be shocked at the incompetence.

READ: Navy Abandoned Readyness of the Nation for Racist Indoctrination. Somebody Must Hold Responsible. Chinese Claims They Chased an American Navy Destroyer Out of the South China Sea. It is impossible to believe they lie to us.

American power has been weakened under Biden. China also looks at Ukraine, realizing the war they were planning to wage is not what they are going to have.

While Putin’s invasion of Ukraine has given China some hope, they’ve seen how easily Russia has been able to coerce Western Europe into continuing to fund the Russian military despite EU sanctions. They must be keenly aware of the number of pundits left and right who have been purchased or rented to push out Putin’s talking points daily.

China may have long believed the Republic of China would fall, just as Putin and his close friends imagined Ukraine would become part of Russia. In the wake of China’s rape of Hong Kong’s self-government, everyone knows that any promise to the Republic of China, like the “one country, two systems” promise made to Hong Kong, is a blatant lie. About two-thirds of ROC’s citizens thought the ChiCom government was “bad” in a poll taken shortly before Vladimir Putin began his 72-hour “special military operation.” I imagine that number is higher now, effectively taking a voluntary reunification off the table.

I would also imagine the Chinese have watched Putin’s War with growing alarm. UAVs combined with intelligent munitions have changed how combat is conducted. China’s manned planes that fly into ROC airspace regularly are more threats than targets in a battlefield dominated largely by Patriots. (ROC contains at most 36 launchers). A cruise missile is no better than an aircraft. China doesn’t have a sufficient number of amphibious ships to force a beachhead on Taiwan and sustain the combat operations of that beachhead. A proliferation of portable air defense systems such as the American Stinger and British Starstreak, and anti-armor systems such as Javelin or NLAW makes lightly armed militias a threat to regular armies. A capital ship such as the The is lost. Moskva (BREAKING. Russian Flagship Sinks While Being Towed to Port) to a not-very-good Ukrainian knockoff of a crappy Russian anti-ship missile doesn’t bode well for the service life of any surface craft.

China, despite not being stupid, knows that many of its weapons are influenced by Soviet designs. It has also seen the consequences.

In the last six months, the “reunification” of the ROC with China has gone from being assured to highly problematic. Reunification with Taiwan without nuking it will not be possible in the next couple of years.

China currently has 24 months political/military to either force unification, or to retire its goal. China is demonstrating urgency with its shipbuilding program, and suborning of Pacific islands nations (China Seeks To Buy Eight Pacific Island Nations while Joe Biden’s State Department Are Dumb), The change of government in the Philippines, which seems to be off the Biden White House’s radar, has installed a potentially China-friendly government. Continued militarization by China of artificial islands in the South China Sea is a regular occurrence.

We can’t discount China potentially seizing the hour to try and take the island of Taiwan by force. We can’t assume that just because they shouldn’t, they won’t.

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