Charlie Crist Basically Concedes to Ron DeSantis With Confusingly Bad Campaign Statement – Opinion

Last night, Nikki Fried was defeated by Charlie Crist (parodical Democrat) in the governor’s race. As Crist sets out to beat Gov., now we get our first general election thoughts from him. Ron DeSantis and they are something.

The Democrat emerged on the morning after his primary triumph to lay out perhaps the worst political strategy I’ve ever seen. We’ll get into why that is in a moment, but first, let’s got to the tape.

In front of millions upon millions of Florida voters Crist did nothing but concede the election to Ron DeSantis. The current governor’s voters make up a majority of the state.  You see, that’s how he became governor in the first place. Crist can not win without pulling some of those over to his side, and his response to that reality is to…tell those voters to stay with DeSantis. It’s a bold strategy, Cotton.

Or was this just a sloppy error meant to bring home the awful politician Crist? Florida is currently a majority-GOP State when it comes down to voter registration. On the Sunshine State’s current count, there are 5.2M Republicans. There are 4.96 million registered Democrats. Simple math says there aren’t enough Democrats to make Crist governor assuming he doesn’t carry independents by some completely unrealistic number.

He needs GOP crossover votes, and he’s not going to them by telling DeSantis’ voters to pound sand. Still, I’m not entirely sure Crist even wants to win. Consider his campaign commercial for the first time.

“Defeat fascism” is going to be his rallying cry? Really? That’s the best the over-paid Washington consultants running his campaign could come up with? Implicitly, he’s suggesting that millions of Floridians are themselves fascist while ignoring that the state is actually a bastion of freedom and economic success. Only 2.7 percent of the state’s unemployment is reported. That is a very disappointing message. California is getting more red, and this campaign is being done in California.

It’s also quasi-religious in that he’s suggesting people who vote for DeSantis must have “hate” in their hearts. How does Crist view inflation? Lock-downs? Second Amendment Abortion? We don’t know because he’s too busy saying woke incantations.

DeSantis, 10.

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