CensorTrack with TR: Amazon Censors Best Selling, Innocent Kids Book

It’s Episode 36 of Track TR with CensorTrack This week we talked about Amazon employee and customer temper tantrums that led to the censorship of two books — one about child self-acceptance and the other about biology. 

Conservative commentator, writer, and speaker Matt Walsh, authored a book called “Johnny the Walrus.” The story details the life of a young boy who likes to play pretend. Johnny is convinced that he’s a walrus by his mother, who uses the power of social media to make him believe it. The mom facilitates the changes necessary to transform Johnny into a walrus. This story serves as an example of transgender children and encourages them to embrace who God created them to be. 

As is the case with leftists everywhere, Amazon customers and employees were outraged. A leadership meeting was posted by Libs of TikTokEmployees were said to have been traumatized by the cardboard book and even shed tears. One customer even made up a crazy fallacy, and said the book encouraged bullying and suicide for transgender kids — none of which was actually mentioned in the book. 

“Johnny the Walrus” was No. 1Amazon, in the LGBTQ category. Amazon removed that title and declared it to be political commentary. It was also removed from Amazon’s site as a children’s book. Walsh stated in a Twitter that Amazon had also taken down ads for his book. What does it mean to be a woman? It’s 2022, and apparently the definition of a woman is up for debate. 

Amazon sponsor a book called The Amazon Book. You-Ology that “promote[s] puberty blockers,” female erections and chemical castration and sterilization for kids, according to Walsh

Big Tech is allied with the left to achieve a coordinated and woke agenda. This is what it looks like. An innocent children’s book about accepting who you are is apparently “one hell of a problem,” according to Amazon. But I propose that the “hell of a problem” is the biased censorship of conservative speech. 

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