CDC Re-institutes Mask Mandate, Ron DeSantis Responds Accordingly – Opinion

Do you want to see a third year of mask-wearing on planes, as well as other modes of international and domestic travel? That’s where we see things heading.

The CDC extended Wednesday the federal mask mandate to public transport in an inexplicable and completely absurd move. This is the Biden administration we are talking about, though, so that shouldn’t be surprising to anyone.

Doctor Anthony Fauci said that the extension should have been extended even more when he was asked. Do not punch walls during this video.

What do we need to have more time? What end? Studies have proven that planes were one of most safe places due to the continuous filtration of air throughout the entire COVID-19 epidemic. A single outbreak I’ve seen has never been linked to an airliner. And that’s putting aside the reality that mask mandates make no appreciable difference in any situation anyway.

But what’s science got to do with any of this, right? Facts and data haven’t guided the CDC to this point, and there’s no reason to think they’d start caring about that stuff now. Two-year-olds having to shout through their masks as they fly across the country is a common feature of air travel.

On the other hand, there are some Republicans taking a stand, and you’ll be completely not shocked to learn that Ron DeSantis is leading the way again. In response to an extension of federal mandate on federal masks, his state sued the federal government. The governor responded with this statement.

This is not theater. It is absurd to insist that people continue wearing masks on planes or trains. Current administration from President to Fauci is full of cowards that would prefer Americans suffer, even children, than take necessary decisions. It’s It’s easy to keep making people wear masks because there’s no risk in that. But that’s not leadership.

With all that said, let’s hope DeSantis comes out victorious on this issue — just as he has on several other big ones. While some in the GOP are content to sit back and be dictated to (Mitt Romney actually voted against ending the mask mandate in question), it’s good to see others taking the fight to the administration. We have had enough.

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