CBS Yawns at Warren’s Pro-Abortion Rage, Doxxing of Supreme Court Conservatives

Apparently, rage and doxxing aren’t really a big deal, as long as it’s for the right reasons. CBS Mornings journalists on Friday interviewed far-left Senator Elizabeth Warren about the Supreme Court potentially overturning Roe, but had no questions for her about riling up a pro-abortion mob. The shocking doxxing by conservative justices at the Supreme Court was also not mentioned. 

Even though the interview lasted almost six minutes, CBS’s co-hosts were only mildly curious and did not challenge Warren. No mention of Warren’s rage-filled screaming to supporters at the Supreme Court: “I am here because I am angry!” No mention of, as National ReviewExplained, the address of six conservative Supreme Court justices was exposed by a pro-abortion group. 

Warren got to act like all the violence and rage was on Warren’s side, thanks to the co-hosts. Warren sputtered, “Remember what this opinion is about. It has opened the door to a whole lot of ugliness.” Co-host Tony Dokoupil agreed: “Yeah.” 

Here’s the best co-host Nate Burleson could do: “You believe in a woman’s choice no matter how difficult the decision. But there’s a question: should there be any limits on abortions?” 



Making it clear where he stands, Dokoupil agreed with Warren’s pro-abortion rants: “An extraordinary thing for a government to tell a person they need to go forward with a pregnancy.” 

Doxxing six conservatives of the Supreme Court? CBS MorningsOn Friday, it was not mentioned. The Thursday issue was not mentioned. Evening News, reporter Ed O’Keefe briefly referenced the threats:  “CBS News learned that general threats to violence are being made against the couple. The location of their homes has been posted online. They are also receiving personal threats via the phone.

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CBS Mornings
8.16 am ET  

TONY DOKOUPIL: Photo of the Capitol. After a leak of the majority opinion, Elizabeth Warren (Democratic Senator) is calling on the Senate to act to protect abortion rights. This follows the Supreme Court’s 1973 landmark Roe V. Wade abortion rights decision. In her book Persist, now out in paperback, Warren writes, “In the same way that congress passed laws to provide access to health care, think Medicare and Medicaid, Congress should pass a law to protect nationwide access to abortion.” Such a bill would face tough odd passing the senate.” Get Senator Warren Jones now. It is hard to believe that these are possible. Can I do that? 


DOKOUPIL Why is that necessary? 

WARREN: It is our goal to have everyone on record. We must remember, I believe, who is going to be affected by the Supreme Court’s decision. It doesn’t affect well-todo women. Women who are well off can travel to other states or fly outside the country to get an abortion. On whom is this going to be? It will fall on women of low income. It will fall on women of color and girls who have been molested or abused by their family members. It will fall on those who were raped. This will fall on the mother who has two jobs right now to help support her kids. This is all about giving everyone the right to choose whether they are pregnant. 

JERICKA DUNCAN : The screen showed a map showing that abortion is likely or certain to be stopped. When you look at some of these states where the numbers are not as high as, you know, the overall nation numbers of at least 60  and sometimes 80 percent where people support this, why not leave it up to the states when you have so many where the numbers may not be that high, and you look at that map and see how many are almost certain to try and get rid of it? 

WARREN While I lived in the United States where abortion was legal, it did not mean all abortions were stopped. That did not mean all safe legal abortions had stopped. 

My life was shaped by back-alley abortions, where I witnessed women dying in their homes. Unclean abortions caused horrible complications and infections in women. My life was shaped by the fact that young American women preferred to die rather than continue their education. 
abortion —  with a pregnancy that they could not manage. Let’s face it, laws were passed at the federal level that set minimum wages and provided access to health insurance. It’s not about protecting the powerful, it’s about protecting everyone in the country.  
DOKOUPIL: Senator. What you say is accurate, yet states have stated that despite the fact that they believe in a different principle. The common refrain is that if your state has laws you do not like, you can just leave. How do you respond to this? 

WARREN – We do not allow that anywhere else within our federal government. WARREN: We do not say that if you don’t like Alabama’s minimum wage, it’s okay to move elsewhere. Our nation cares for one another and, as such, decides that certain amounts of work are worth it. For example, we decide on Medicaid that the least poor will have access to healthcare. We decide this for children to make sure that there’s going be to be money — we decide this on food, and we should decide this on this basic health decision that will hit the most vulnerable among us. We feel that we are in states that will not allow this to happen. First, it’s not possible to ignore those people who are going through pain. Second, think about the purpose of this view. This opinion has allowed for a lot of ugly things. 


WARREN: Opened the door to the question —  contraception, criminalizing a woman who seeks an abortion. Every miscarriage will now be examined. Women will be prosecuted if they work too hard and place their baby at risk. If the Supreme Court has their way and we do not fight back at federal level, this is an invasion that could impact every person’s lives. 

NATE BURLESON – You are stating now that you believe in women’s right to make their own decisions, no matter what the consequences. There is a problem: Should there be limits to abortion? 





WARREN: Her mother and her priest. WARREN: Her mother, priest, and rabbi. However, in pregnancy I do not believe it should be the state who makes the final decision. 

DOKOUPIL – A remarkable thing is for a government tell someone they must go ahead with a pregnancies. 

WARREN: That’s right. 

DOKOUPIL : It’s all right. There is more that Senator Elizabeth Warren could tell you. Come back. 

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