CBS Worries Overturning Roe Could Lead to Bans on Gay Marriage

On Tuesday’s CBS Evening News, anchor Norah O’Donnell was reporting live from the Supreme Court in the wake of the leaked draft of a court decision that would completely overturn Roe vs. Wade. Her coverage revealed that she was shocked by the apparent leak and concerned about the possibility of a ban on homosexual marriage and contraceptives. 

O’Donnell first turned to legal correspondent Jan Crawford who proclaimed that if “the draft holds, it would represent a triumph for the anti-abortion movement which has marched for life every year since the court’s landmark 1973 decision that abortion was a constitutional right that states could not ban.” 



Crawford lamented the fact that Republican presidents nominated prolife justices, while Senator Mitch McConnell prevented former President Obama’s appointment of Scalia’s replacement.  

The record of Justice Clarence Thomas opposing Roe was a reason President George W. Bush chose Alito. Ten years after Justice Antonin Scalia died, former President Trump was able to nominate Gorsuch. As with all other Supreme Court confirmation hearings since.  

Later in the segment, O’Donnell frantically asked Crawford “if the court strikes down Planned Parenthood versus Casey as well, what would that mean for gay rights?” 

Crawford said that despite Justice Samuel Alito declaring that the decision will only impact abortion as it concerns a living individual, despite Crawford stating clearly that “you’re hearing people who oppose overturning both of these decisions saying it would affect a lot of other rights, including gay rights, and of course, some of the language in that later 1992 abortion rights decision Casey is cited in some of the gay rights decisions the liberty interests there but there are other decisions that would provide a foundation for these other rights, like gay rights.” 

She did not repeat propaganda of other people but she hedged by saying “Justice Alito said this was focused on abortionBecause abortion is different” because “It involves the potential for human life. But again, this is a draft ruling.”That’s what I added “we’ll see what the final ruling says.” 

This segment was possible because Flonase. The information of both is linked. 

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CBS Evening News
Eastern, 6:34:26 

JAN CRAWFORD – If the draft is approved, it will be a victory for the antiabortion movement that has marched every year for life since 1973’s court decision that abortion was a constitutional rights that the states couldn’t ban. Roe was only one vote away when the 1992 court passed it. This goal became a Republican promise during the Republican presidential campaign. The record of Justice Clarence Thomas opposing Roe was a reason President George W. Bush elected Alito. Just a decade after Justice Antonin Scalia died, Mitch McConnell, then the majority leader, blocked President Obama’s nomination. Former President Trump was able to nominate Gorsuch as well later Kavanaugh or Barrett. As with all other Supreme Court confirmation hearings since. 


ED O’KEEFE: While Justice Samuel Alito writes in the draft decision that the ruling should only concern the right to abortion, the President said today that if it’s approved, it could ultimately affect other rights, like the right to same-sex marriage, birth control, and privacy. Norah? 

NORAH O’DONNELL: Ed O’Keefe, thank you. Jan Crawford, however, is with us. What would it mean for gay rights if Planned Parenthood is also struck down by the Court? 

CRAWFORD – Well, people are arguing against overturning these decisions because it would impact a lot other rights. Justice Alito stated this because abortion is unique. It includes the possibility of human life. However, it is only a draft ruling. We will see what the final ruling is.

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