CBS/NBC Ignore Newsom Flouting Own Mask Mandates at Rams Game

Even though Gavin Newsom, Democratic California Governor of California was caught again in public with his mask on, not one evening news channel mentioned it. The incident was covered by ABC World News Tonight, the only news network. 

ABC will air Monday night programming on Mondays World News Tonight, during a segment on the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic by ABC News correspondent Erielle Reshef reported on the “Dramatic Fall in New Covid Infections across 40 States and Territories” We are also seeing “cases falling 32%” since the Omicron surge’s peak.

Reshef then reported that “even with an average of half a million new infections every day, there is growing debate over when to loosen mask mandates. San Francisco will soon end the indoor mask restriction for anyone who is up-to-date on vaccinations at home, in offices, and at gyms.

Reshef continued to detail that in her report Los Angeles County still has a mandate for masks. There was backlash following these photos of L.A. mayor Eric Garcetti and Governor Gavin Newsom not wearing masks to yesterday’s Rams match. Pictures posted by Magic Johnson on Instagram. Garcetti, Newsom, and Garcetti claim that they both wore masks at the game. They only removed them for a brief moment. 



Although they accurately reported on Newsom’s mistake, they also aired his excuse for violating the mandates. 

Although I did my best to show grace, I removed the mask. I recommend that people continue to use them.  

ABC Television’s World News TonightThey did their jobs reporting Gavin Newsom’s apparent disregard of his mask mandates. CBS was not involved. Evening NewsNeither NBC Nightly NewsI didn’t even bother to mention Newsoms hypocrisy. 

This latest example of bias by omission by the liberal networks was made possible by endorsements from QuickBooks on CBS & Natures Bounty on NBC. 

To read the relevant transcript of this segment click “expand”:

ABC World News Tonight with David Muir 


6:35.07 PM 

DAVID MURIR: Let’s now turn to the pandemic. We need a hopeful sign tonight. There are 40 states reporting that there have been cases. This Omicron has reached its highest point in the states. They are hopeful that they will be coming around the other end of this. The U.S. is still seeing 543,000 cases per day. Last week, the number of cases in children fell. This marks the first Thanksgiving since then. Yet, the number of children who tested positive for the disease in just one week is still 808,000. Authorities issued a warning to parents tonight, advising them to get their children immunized. They said that we are still doing this and would be protecting ourselves against new variants. ICU beds are still scarce in 15 states, according to reports. New York City has the latest news about a new antiviral drug that will fight covid. They plan to bring it right to your house if needed. It begs the question, “Why is it so scarce in other areas of the nation?” ABC’s Erielle Reshef in New York tonight. 

ERIELLE RESHEF: A dramatic drop in the number of new covid infection cases across all 40 US states and territories is reported tonight by ERIELLE RESHEF. The Omicron surge peak saw 32% fewer cases. Children’s infections dropped nearly one-third for the first occasion since Thanksgiving. Doctors stress, however that children who have not been vaccinated are still at risk for Omicron and any other possible variants.

DOCTOR ANDREA HADLEY (HELEN DEVOS CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL): These kids need us to help them get vaccinated. We must help them get vaccinated. 

RESHEF: Only 38% of eligible children aged five or more are fully immunized. Those under 5 years of age still have to get their shot. While hospital admissions nationwide are declining, ICU beds are being reduced in 15 states. Today, nearly five months ago, Pfizer was granted full approval of its vaccine. The FDA is now following the FDA’s lead for Moderna.

DOCTOR ALOK PATEL (STANFORD CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL): A lot of people want to know why it took so long. I do hope it will also increase trust among the public. The FDA performed a thorough, accurate evaluation of both safety and efficacy data.

RESHEF. This week New York City will offer a program for home delivery of antiviral medication to people with prescriptions.

MAYOR ERIC ADAMS – We offer free delivery in New York. 

RESHEF ABC News’ analysis found that three quarters of U.S. Paxlovid had been outsourced by the United States. This new drug is being touted as an innovation.

DOCTOR CHRISTIAN Ramers (FAMILY HEALTH CENTERS SAN DIEGO). The last 3-4 weeks have been overwhelming and the volume is just insane. There are hundreds to thousands competing for 40-50 treatment slots each day. 

RESHEF: Despite an average of half-a million infections per day, there has been a lot of debate about when it’s appropriate to remove mask mandates. San Francisco will soon end the indoor mask requirement for anyone who is up-to-date on vaccinations at home, work, and gyms. Los Angeles County still has a mandatory mask policy. After these pictures of Governor Gavin Newsom, and L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti wearing masks yesterday at the Rams game, there was a lot of backlash. Pictures posted by Magic Johnson on Instagram. Garcetti and Newsom both claim they were wearing a mask to the game but only briefly removed them.

GOVERNOR GAVIN NewsSOM: While I tried to be kind, I took off the mask for a second. But, I still encourage others to wear them.  

MUIR : Erielle Reshef will be back to us tonight. But I was referring to that antiviral medication for covid. It will be delivered in New York City to those who need it, although I’m concerned about its availability in other parts.

RESHEF: That’s right, David. Omicron supply has simply exceeded Omicron demand. Although the states get the same amount of drugs according to their population, some areas have higher demand. These treatments have been rolled out to approximately 265,000 people since January. This number is expected to rise to around 20 million by September. It is expected that it will become more accessible by the spring. David?

MUIR: Let’s just hope so. Erielle, I’m grateful. 

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