CBS Goes to Ireland to Decry ‘Medieval’ End of Roe: U.S. Will Be Like Egypt

Are you looking for new and creative ways to get scared about the possibilities? Roe V. WadeIt could be reversed. CBS Mornings journalist Holly Williams on Monday traveled to Ireland to find people to trash the “medieval” United States and compare this country to Egypt and Iraq. 

This segment did not feature a pro-life voice. It also minimized the fact that many European countries can have more restrictive abortion laws than some U.S. States. Williams recounted, “Ireland is nearly 80 percent Catholic, and used to have some of the most restrictive abortion laws in the world.” 

She added, “Abortion is now legal in all circumstances in Ireland until the 12th week of pregnancy, and in limited circumstances until the 24th week.” Left unsaid there? Mississippi is the state which brought its case against abortion to the Supreme Court. They ban abortion from 15 weeks. Ireland has been declared a nation. still Some ways, Mississippi is less conservative than Mississippi. It kind of undercuts the whole media meltdown, doesn’t it? 



Williams instead spoke to an obstetrician who was radically pro-abortion and berated the United States. 

Dr. Peter Boylan (obstetrician). Maternal death will result from living in a country as large and diverse as the United States. This is a fact that there’s no doubt about. This will cause women to die. 

HOLLY WILLIAMS – He claims that if Roe V. Wade is overturned it will be the poorest American women who cannot afford to leave their home state. Women who have abortions may face criminal prosecution. 

BOYLAN: It’s medieval. This is the supposed greatest democracy on the planet. This is a terrible thing for America. 

Williams quickly noted that “There are still many in Ireland who oppose abortion rights. For others, the new laws don’t go far enough.” Who are these people who oppose abortion in Ireland? We don’t know because the journalist didn’t interview any of them. 

She vaguely noted that abortion is available “with some conditions” in Europe. But here’s what The Washington ExaminerOn May 4, 2022, he wrote. 

France bans elective abortions after 14 weeks. This is one week prior to the Mississippi law which triggered Dobbs’s termination of the procedure..

Two doctors must sign off on the woman’s right to an abortion after 14 weeks.

Due to an enduring provision, doctors in Germany had been prohibited from advertising to women their services for abortion until now.

While Germany’s new government has revised that provision, abortion access is still far more limited in Germany than in the U.S.

CBS did not mention any of these issues in their story. 

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CBS Mornings
7.32 am ET 

GAYLE KING: While we wait to hear the final ruling on Roe V. Wade’s possible overturning by the Supreme Court, it is expected that more Supreme Court decisions will be made this morning. In the latest CBS News poll, 50 percent of Americans say they would, in their words, “care a lot” if the ruling that makes abortion legal nationwide is thrown out. It would be against other countries’ decisions to make abortion easier. Holly Williams visited Ireland recently and spoke with a woman about her difficult past. 

AMY CALAHAN: When the doctor was done with the scan, she sat back and looked at the screen. Then, she said, “Is your husband there?” 

HOLLY WILLIAMS – Amy Callahan, originally from North Carolina, has been living in Dublin for 17 years with her Irish husband. She was thrilled to learn that she had been pregnant again with her second child, in 2017. 

CALLAHAN: Because the top of the skull wasn’t formed correctly, So, the entire brain was not inside the skull. She said that it wasn’t a pregnancy. It’s unlikely that the baby will live. 

WILLIAMS. She was only told that the baby would live for a few more days. It was her choice. 

CALLAHAN. I couldn’t even imagine — how it could — how it would happen that you gave birth to a baby only to see it die, probably struggling to breathe, and possibly in pain. 

WILLIAMS – But abortion in Ireland is not legal in all cases. Amy was forced to go to England to have the procedure. It was a blessing that she could afford the procedure, she told us. She chose to carry a child for several months, but she would never be able to take it home. 

CALLAHAN (Maternity): It would have been inhumane for me as a mother. But it also could have been cruel to the child. This seems to be an awful way for a baby to die. 

WILLIAMS. Ireland, which is almost 80 percent Catholic has some of most strict abortion laws around the globe. It was so strict, that Savita Halappanavar miscarried her child at 17 weeks gestation in 2012. She was refused an abortion. In the end, she succumbed to sepsis. Protests and anger grew after her death, which eventually led to an abortion referendum. The 2018 Irish referendum on abortion saw support by more than two-thirds. 

Despite some restrictions, abortion is widely legal in almost all parts of Europe. Roe V. Wade will be overturned, meaning that some states in the United States may ban abortion, even in cases where it is rape. This would mean they join a group which includes Nicaragua, Egypt and Nicaragua. There are still many in Ireland  who oppose abortion rights. Others feel that the laws are not sufficiently comprehensive. Abortion is now legal in all circumstances in Ireland until the 12th week of pregnancy, and in limited circumstances until the 24th week. 

Dr. Peter Boylan says that women should make their best decisions for themselves and not have to be influenced by the law. An OBGYN, he’s had the pleasure of delivering more than 4,000 children. Your advice for Americans is to tell them what it is like living where women can’t have an abortion. 

Dr. Peter Boylan (obstetrician). Maternal death will result from living in a country as large and diverse as the United States. This is a fact that there’s no doubt about. This will cause women to die. 

WILLIAMS. Williams claims Roe v. Wade will be overturned. This would mean that the least able women of America, who are unable to afford travel beyond their states, will feel the worst, and women who choose abortion could face charges. 

BOYLAN: It’s medieval. What is the best democracy in the entire world? This is a terrible thing for America. 

WILLIAMS – Amy Callahan says that no one should be judged by women who have chosen to have an unplanned pregnancy. 

CALLAHAN – I find it very tragic. It’s possible to have an abortion for many reasons. It will have negative effects on both women and their children, I believe. 

WILLIAMS: For CBS Mornings, Holly Williams, Ireland. 

KING: This is a very personal choice. 

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