CBS Demands ‘Dangerous’ Rogan Be Censored Despite Claiming to Support ‘Free Speech’

On Monday, all three broadcast networks continued to push for Joe Rogan’s removal from public view over his highly rated Spotify podcast. They escalated the rhetoric since last week’s first coverage, with NBC and CBS calling Rogan’s show and views “COVID-19 falsehoods”. “dangerous” “misinformation” with one implicitly tying him to Americans who’ve died from the virus.

CBS Morningswas their most evil, insisting that they support “free speech”Rogan cannot have any First Amendment rights. “massive” “platform as large as Spotify” because “a lot of people do listen to” him.



“What to Watch” host Vladimir Duthiers reported on “developments in the controversy over misinformation…on Joe Rogan’s popular podcast” with rocker Neil Young having his music removed from Spotify because he “and others say…Rogan’s show promote[s] false information about COVID-19 and the vaccines.”

It should be noted Young’s 2006 tour Was entitled “Freedom of Speech” as a slight against George W. Bush. What a turn of events for this hippie

Boasting of Rogan’s “apologetic but defensive tone”Watch the video “responding to accusations that he’s responsible for spreading false statements,” Duthiers argued he’s “spread…claims that the drug ivermectin is a treatment for COVID and microchips are in vaccines” Just last month: “he spoke with two doctors known for promoting vaccine falsehoods.”

He then spoke to Nils Lofgren of the E Street Band about His decision to remove his own music, explaining that Rogan’s “turn[ed]” his “back” on medical workers and that this effort isn’t bout stifling debate:

LOFGREN: It’s not about any censorship. We’re all for free speech. Just as importantly, we do not want to be linked with the misinformation and lies which are killing Americans.

DUTHIERS. Covid misinformation has been a problem for tech companies in the last two-years as Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and TikTok all have come under fire for how they handle user’s posts. 

Back live, Duthiers tag-teamed with the co-hosts to tie Rogan’s show to COVID-19 hospitalizations and deaths (click “expand”):

DUTHIERS – Let me share some actual figures with you, our viewers. According to the CDC, unvaccinated adults have a 68 times higher risk of death than those who are fully vaccinated. Check these out — hospitalization rates for the unvaccinated, that number shoots up as high as 90 people for every 100,000. These are the figures. So, Rogan —

GAYLE KING: These are the facts.

DUTHIERS: — those are the facts.

DOKOUPIL: These are the facts.

NATE BURLESON – These are the facts.


Duthiers made it easy for Lofgren by stating that he had said to Duthiers “some are saying that you’re trying to censor Joe Rogan,” The old rocker added: “he believes in the First Amendment, he believes that Joe Rogan and anybody else has a First Amendment right to say whatever they want;”He is the one who does it. “doesn’t want his artistry associated with the platform that would allow misinformation.”

Tony Dokoupil (socialist co-host) insists on the fact that “[y]ou have a First Amendment right to say what you want,” However, it is not “First Amendment right to appear on a platform as large as Spotify.”

Dokoupil conceded “Rogan is correct that the medical world gets stuff wrong,” but maintained “there’s a process by which [it] corrects itself, and that…is not interviewing guys on the fringe…on your massive platform.”

If that’s the case, why hasn’t any medical elites faced consequences?

“It’s not censorship…[T]hey’re ensuring quality,” He concluded.

Instead of considering why 11 million people are listening to each of Rogan’s episodes and Only 2.5 MillionTo CBS MorningsGayle King (co-host, Democratic donor) argued:

[P]People say to turn off the music. It doesn’t mean you have to. It’s true that many people listen to it and are getting incorrect or false information. This makes it seem so dangerous.

Rogan became worried about Nate Burleson as co-host. “has a huge reach,” Dokoupil denounced Rogan for “hav[ing] a conversation”Discuss controversial subjects “it’s a life or death issue” “not an opinion about space or something.”

Though far less overt, ABC’s Good Morning America and NBC’s Today, wThere are still foot soldiers pro-censorship.

Chris Connelly, ABC’s correspondent, highlighted the “battle over the star podcaster and his alleged spreading of COVID vaccine and treatment misinformation…including promoting the drug ivermectin, despite FDA warnings that it’s not been shown to help…and may be dangerous.”

Bolstering the case for censorship, Connelly suggested Lofgren and Joni Mitchell (who also removed her music) should be listened to because “both…were stricken with polio before there was a vaccine.”

Go to NBC Today co-host Savannah Guthrie spoke in a tease of the “Spotify showdown with more artists, stars, and royals applying pressure and demanding action” even though “critics” Are “say[ing]”That “[t]he changes and the streaming platform are making” aren’t “enough.”

Correspondent Emilie Ikeda had the report and here were some highlights (click “expand”):

IKEDA: Spotify’s CEO says it’s important they’re not a content censor but acknowledges they need to do more to provide balance when it comes to medical information — misinformation, rather. Joe Rogan agreed overnight to support that goal. It is unclear if that will decrease the rate at which artists leave Spotify. This morning, Joe Rogan speaking out —

ROGAN: I don’t always get it right.

IKEDA: — responding to backlash against his popular podcast where he’s known for questioning vaccine safety and recently interviewed a controversial virologist who suggested Americans were hypnotized into getting vaccinated.

ROGAN: I’m open to having fascinating conversations with people who have different opinions.


IKEDA: Prince Harry & Meghan Markle have weighed in. Their organization Archwell says it’s “expressing concerns with Spotify to ensure changes to the platform are made to help address this public health crisis.”


IKEDA – Spotify’s competition are taking advantage of the scandal. Apple Music, for example, calling itself “the home of Neil Young.” And we should mention Rogan hasn’t directly responded to our requests for comment, but has previously said people shouldn’t look to him for medical advice.

This open example of collusion to censor those the liberal media oppose was made possible thanks to the endorsement of advertisers such as McDonald’s on ABC, Ensure on CBS, and Dove on NBC. Follow the links to their contact information at the MRC’s Conservatives Fight Back page.

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