CBS Cries Over ‘Inhumane’ GOP ‘Stunt’ Sending Migrants to NYC

On Wednesday night’s CBS Evening NewsMargaret Brennan (fill-in anchor) and Nancy Chen (correspondent) lament that Texas Governor Greg Abbott is transporting migrants to the U.S./Mexico borders and getting them into buses for New York City, Washington D.C. and Washington D.C. so their liberal mayors can handle them.  Instead of pointing out how if President Joe Biden secured the southern border, this wouldn’t be happening, Chen simply parroted Democrat Party talking points calling Abbott’s bussing of migrants “inhumane” and a “political stunt.” 

Introducing the segment, Brennan claimed, “there is a growing political battle between Texas and New York as Governor Greg Abbott continues to send thousands of migrants from the border to Manhattan and Washington, D.C.”  Adding “it’s part of the Republican Governor’s effort to criticize the Biden administration’s immigration policy.”



Taking over for Brennan, Chen whined that “as nearly 100 migrants arrived in New York City from Texas this morning, they stepped off buses and into a political firestorm.” 

Attempting to use migrants as political weapons to make Republicans seem cruel, Chen cried about how some of the migrants were tired after their bus ride to New York: “Johnny, a 38-year-old migrant from Venezuela, said he was tired and stressed during his trip but came to the U.S to provide a better future for his children.”

“Sent by Texas Governor Greg Abbott to Washington, D.C., and now New York. The mayors of those cities calling the move inhumane as they both asked the federal government for help” Chen wailed. 

Attempting to tell Abbott’s side of the story, Chen reported that “Abbott says he’s sending migrants away, in part to protest President Biden’s immigration policies,” moments later she began shrieking that “critics call it a political stunt, with families caught in the middle.”

This bellyaching over Texas Governor Abbott attempting to prevent his state from being overrun by foreign nationals was made possible by Capital One and Nature’s Bounty. You can find their information linked to let them know what biased news they fund. 

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CBS Evening News
August 10, 2022
Eastern at 6:39 p.m. 

MARGARET BRENNAN – Tonight, Texas and New York are in a political turmoil as Governor Greg Abbott sends thousands of immigrants from Texas to New York and Washington, D.C. The Republican Governor is trying to attack the Biden administration’s immigrant policy. Here’s Nancy Chen, CBS. 

NANCY CHEN: Nearly 100 migrants were arriving in New York City this morning from Texas. They stepped out of buses into an ensuing political commotion. Johnny, a 38-year old migrant from Venezuela said that although he was exhausted and stressed, he came to the U.S. to ensure a better life for his children. DHS has already released more than 6,500 of the asylum seekers. Greg Abbott, Texas governor, sent him to Washington, D.C., then New York. As they asked federal help, the mayors in question called it cruel. 

NEW YORK CITY MAYOR ERIC ADMAMS: Treating people without dignity is not a successful strategy. 

WASHINGTON D.C. MAYOR BOWSER : The federal government sees a rising humanitarian crisis and expects it to get worse. 

CHEN. Since April more than 160 buses have left Texas, resulting in scenes at Washington Union Station. Abbott said he sent migrants to protest the President’s immigration policies. 

TEXAS GOVERNOR GREG ABSOTT: Texas is full. Our communities have been overrun. 

CHEN: It is viewed as a political stunt by critics, where families are caught between the lines. Johanna, along with her children, fled Venezuela and now seeks asylum. She says, “Everything we endured during the journey– the sadness, the pain, the fear, and being here right now– I feel the sacrifice was worth it.” 

However, one immigration lawyer said that many migrants do not want to settle in New York. Despite the fact that more people are likely to arrive by bus, 11 shelters have been opened in New York City.

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