Can’t Say That? NPR Morning Host Triggered by Utterance of the Word ‘Abortionist’

NPR’s Friday news broadcast featured something quite shocking. NPR Morning EditionSteve Inskeep was interviewed by Rebecca Parma, Texas Right to Life’s pro-life advocate. The fact that the interview was so hostile was not surprising. The questioner asked, “Was your strategy to end abortions in ways that are unconstitutional now?”

Also: The Constitution contains a supremacy clause. Texas’s federal law is applicable. Texas was defeated in the Civil War. It’s clearly against federal law.

It was when Parma said “abortionist” that it broke the NPR host’s heart. This prompted a discussion about terms not universally accepted. Enjoy the laughter track. 

INSKEEP: It appears that people are in certain clinics currently performing abortions. Is there anyone who is gathering data for legal proceedings?

PARMA: Yes, some of these clinics have made it very clear that they are resuming abortions. So, you know that the Texas pro-life movement is planning to fully hold the abortion industry responsible once this case has been settled. There is also that provision which, as you mentioned, retroactively may be held abortionistsIf they break the law, they will be held accountable. This statute has a maximum of four years. There’s still time, even though we wait to see what the legal scene does and whether the injunction is dissolved.

INSKEEPYou’re not using universally acceptable terminology, I think. When you speak of ‘preborn’ or ‘abortionist’, I want to take note. It’s just your terminology. We’re talking here about medical professionals performing procedures under federal law.

This is because NPR regularly uses pro-abortion language that isn’t “universally acceptable.”

The week prior All Things Considered NPR reporter Danielle Kurtzleben promoted nationwide pro-abortion marches with all their preferred lingo employed: “abortion rights,” “abortion access,” “abortion justice,” “abortion protections,” and “abortion care.” Their September campaign featured Texas “abortion providers, seekers”. NPR has not advocated neutrality regarding abortion. 

Parma responded to fire: 

PARMA: They’re not legal just because they don’t believe so, right? A abortion is violent, it results in death of one person. This is usually the woman who gave birth to the child. That’s what it is. We want to emphasize that this is not a common procedure. You do not go to get medicine. For life. But that is not the case. It’s sad.

InSKEEP Your view of life is ours. We will just accept it. This is not the universal view of life.

How? What?

NPR was brought to your attention in part by ….Please. And lots of “abortion opponents.” The national operation is funded by tax payer funding. There are hundreds of stations nationwide that broadcast public radio. Contact Public Editor Kelly McBride here.

[Hat tip: Dave Pierre]

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