Canadian MP Thinks There’s a Crazy, Hidden Message in Freedom Convoy Honking – Opinion

There’s been a lot of crazy in response to the Freedom Convoy in Canada, with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his Emergencies Act maybe at the top of the pile because it would have such a bad effect on civil liberties in the country.

There was Diane Deans, a truly insane woman who was fired as chair of the board for police services because she was too liberal to be accepted by the Ottawa Liberals. Let’s think about it for a second. It wasn’t just that she called Freedom Convoy folk racists or terrorists; she said also she was skeptical of the fact that the protestors were Canadians. And she believed the whole thing was part of an attempt to seize control over Canada, which she funded with money from the United States.

But now, we have another contender for the crazy crown in Canada: Member of Parliament Ya’ra Saks. I probably don’t even need to say she’s a liberal. It’s immediately obvious from her words. This is pure and total delusion.

“I, like many Canadians, was shocked to see Nazi flags, Confederate flags. Dismayed and angry and hurt, horribly hurt,” Saks exclaimed. “So how many Nazi flags does it take? What number of Capitol riots donors did it take? It’s 1,100 and counting who have donated to these illegal blockades. Do we need to seize all the guns? How much vitriol do we have to see of ‘Honk Honk,’ which is an acronym for ‘Heil Hitler,’ do we need to see by these protesters on social media?”

Saks claimed it wasn’t about the suffering from the COVID restrictions, but something “deeper, darker and uglier,” which “threatened the stability of the House.”

“When will it be an emergency for you and your colleagues across the floor?” she declared.

What about when the emergency threshold is met? How about when it can’t be dealt with by normal law, which police have already shown that it can be addressed, without the Act?

But, this assertion is just crazy on so many levels, and unfortunately, this is where both the liberals in Canada and the United States are — making up things to justify their political tyranny. No, sometimes a “honk” is just that — a honk. If it means anything more, it’s a honk for freedom against the injustice Saks and her fellow liberals have imposed on people.

The Freedom Convoy rejected any association with Nazis or swastikas; they ran out a guy, likely a plant, who had a swastika flag while wearing a full mask — obviously not a protester.

Further, the claim that there were “1,100” from “the Capitol riots” who donated to the Freedom Convoy isn’t even close to reality. What I think she’s referring to is an ADL claim that 1,100 people donated to the Jan. 6 rally/demo that was before the riot, who allegedly donated to the Convoy. It’s not the same thing, as even the ADL made clear. But why should this member of Parliament be accurate — when she’s trying to slander the Convoy and rip apart Canadians’ civil liberties? Ironically, she berates honking as supposedly meaning “Heil Hitler” — blatant nonsense — while she’s the one in favor of taking away Canadians’ rights.

When she was mocked and called out for this trash take, Saks’ response was to double down and cite an “antifascist” source for the claim about Hitler. That source cited 4Chan as their “source.”

When you’re citing a 4Chan post as your ultimate source for a claim, you know you are seriously confused. Saks is the one who has made it possible to simplify the claim.

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