Camila Cabello Raises Money to Groom Your Kids

To no surprise, Hollywood thinks that Mother’s Day is about grooming kids. 

Camila Cabello is a singer, actress and outspoken obnoxious. Yes, that’s right. 

In March 2022,  Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced the Parental Rights in Education Bill that prohibits schools from teaching on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity to children from K-3rd grade. This bill is designed to shield children from the wokeist ideologies that the left likes to push down on them. Though the bill has no mention of the word “gay,” lots of uber-lefties were opposed. Cabello was not an exception. 

In an Instagram post, Cabello shared “I am sooo honored to have spent Mother’s Day supporting @lambdalegal and @equalityfl in launching the Protect Our Kids Fund which supports litigation against the hateful Don’t Say Gay or Trans law in FL.” Cringe. In an effort to brainwash more of her supporters, Cabello put on a benefit concert. Next year, hopefully she’ll spend the day honoring her mom and not indoctrinating the youth.

The alleged “Protect Our Kids Fund” gives “impacted students, teachers and families” resources to help deal with DeSantis’ anti-grooming bill, according to Variety. This bill, which protects children’s innocent minds is apparently troubling for these perverts. Cabello told Variety that “As someone who grew up and still lives in Florida, I am appalled that my home state is putting the health and lives of young Floridians at risk by passing this law and inviting discrimination into our schools.” And urged people to donate in order to stand in “solidarity with LGBTQ youth and families.” 

Except for perverts, the Parental Rights in Education Bill does not discriminate. If you want to teach kids about masturbating, about their genitals, about your sex life or about what their “gender identity” is, then you are a sexual predator. This bill makes it so that doesn’t happen but Cabello and the rest of her wokeist gang refuse to believe the truth of the matter. 

Cabello’s insaneity is further demonstrated by her Instagram post: 

These are some of my most important friends and I feel so sad when their names get erased. We have to demand equal rights and respect for all — if you’re able to support, please head to the link in my bio to donate to the fund. 

I’m sorry but if your five year old thinks he or she is transgender, then you did that. You should let your five year-old pick his or her nose. Not their gender. Cabello’s fund will do nothing but encourage parents and teachers to give their kids a delusional sense of truth and their self-identity. THEY ARE KIDS! Let them go and be themselves!

So far $500,000 has been raised to support the “emergency” fund to help groom kids but I bet Cabello’s 62 million Instagram followers will hop on the bandwagon and donate to the “cause” soon due to their roaring support in the post’s comments. Ew. 

Cabello sang better than she professed her love of indoctrinating youth. 


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