California Teacher Melts Down Over Why She Shouldn’t Be Armed — Goes Viral

“Liberalism at its finest.”

A video that appeared to show a teacher explaining to her class why she should not be given a gun went viral Thursday – prompting calls for the woman’s firing.

The 18-second clip was posted to Twitter by Ryan Fournier, the cofounder and chairman of Students for Trump. He said the unnamed teacher worked at Arroyo Grande High School in California.

“How do I say this,” the teacher says in the video. “I’ve had students before who if I had a gun on me, I might be like really tempted to pull it out and shove it in your face.”

The classroom then erupts in cries of shock, and the footage – apparently taken on a student’s cellphone – ends.

“Liberalism at its finest,” commented Fournier.

Pluralist could not independently verify the source of the video, and Fournier did not immediately respond to request for comment.

After a few hours online, the clip had accumulated nearly 100,000 views, and the post had been liked and retweeted several thousand times.

Hundreds of commenters weighed in, with many people calling for the teacher to be fired.


Viewers connected the teacher’s comments to a Florida law enacted earlier Thursday that allows educators to carry guns at school. The legislation expanded the state’s “guardian program,” which was passed last year after a deadly school shooting in Parkland, Florida, with the aim of preventing another such massacre.

The policy of arming teachers was mooted by President Donald Trump shortly after the Parkland shooting and was later among the recommendations made a commission formed to investigate attack.

However, officials in Broward Country, home to Parkland, as well as some survivors of the shooting, joined gun control activists and a number of Florida educators and Democrats in opposing the law, which they worried would be counterproductive.

Schools in 14 other states have allowed teachers to carry guns.

Arroyo High School, a public school in southern California, had its own shooting scare in 2003, but the armed student was tackled by two classmates before any shots were fired.

A number of commenters on Fournier’s video said it was proof that arming educators is a bad idea. But others said she was the reason that Florida’s law requires volunteers for the gun-carrying program to undergo a background check and psychiatric evaluation.

In other Second Amendment news, survivors of the STEM School shooting in Colorado stormed out of a gun-control rally Wednesday, saying that their grief was being inappropriately politicized.

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