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One week ago, Governor. Gavin Newsom of California vetoed a bill that would require a divisive “ethnic studies” curriculum in schools. The California Board of Education made the entire proposal a problem, from anti-Israeli propaganda to anti-American ideas.

For the moment, Newsom had seemingly done something worthwhile and…sane.

The curriculum recommends teaching students “the four ‘I’s of oppression” and academic concepts like “intersectionality,” “internalized oppression” and “transformative resistance.” Instead of a dynamic, imperfect, pluralistic republic with common ideals, students would be taught to see their country as an organized conspiracy against victim groups.

Unfortunately, Newsom’s bout of sanity didn’t last very long.

The governor today signed A.B. 101, another bill requiring “ethnic studies” that may be slightly watered down, but appears to still be a gateway to something far more sinister. Here’s a brief description of some of the lessons that will be required.

According to Cal Matters, specific lessons provided in a sample of the curriculum include, “Migration Stories and Oral History,” “#BlackLivesMatter and Social Change,” “Afrofuturism: Reimagining Black Futures and Science Fiction,” “US Undocumented Immigrants from Mexico and Beyond,” “The Immigration Experience of Lao Americans” and “This is Indian Land: The Purpose, Politics, and Practice of Land Acknowledgment.”

Is it true ethnic studies? Or modern propaganda? Stories about illegal immigration? Black Lives Matter! What are Native Americans’ claims about their land ownership? All of those “lessons” hit the right woke chords for the left, and that’s not a coincidence.

I believe that the goal of the whole thing is to push a postmodern worldview on children’s heads, not teach them about different ethnicities. Did there ever seem to be any evidence that Californians didn’t have a good understanding of different ethnicities before graduation? Of course not, but the point of the bill in question isn’t to teach about ethnicities. Rather, it’s to promote a skewed viewpoint in the name of pushing left-wing politics. This curriculum is three semesters long and teaches the indoctrination.

However, is anyone really certain that the latest bill actually modifies the content of A.B. 331, which was openly promoted teaching about “oppressors”? 331), which openly promoted teaching about “oppressors” and Marxism? We are still talking California here, where the first bill passed by the Senate with a vote of 33 to 4, before Newsom blocked it. In other words, it’s hardly conspiratorial to suspect that A.B. 101 is designed to permit the same perverse and harmful teachings as ethnic studies. Liberals are not willing to give up on this easily. I strongly doubt that they did here.

A.B. is also open for teaching. 101 is an opening for full-time teaching Critical Race Theory and its derivatives. I can’t say for sure, but if I were placing a bet, I’d bet on it being so. It is important to remember who we’re dealing with. California’s Board of Education is rabidly woke and left-wing. There’s just no way, in my opinion, that they waved the white flag with this latest draft. Keep checking back next year as I’m sure there will be more.

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