California School District Adopts Ethnic Training Sessions for “White Teachers and White Students” – Opinion

A California school district has contracted with a ‘Liberated Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum Consortium‘ training center to provide anti-racism training to teachers and district staff.

Napa Valley Unified school District approved the contract for $38,490 at a meeting held April 21, 2022. This contract covers summer sessions for 2022-2023. The training sessions include a one module that aims to “address how white teachers can engage in ethnic studies work” and teach “through an understanding and reflection of their privilege, power, and positionality.”

Apart from the sad irony that it is a Teachers training is using a word that even the dictionary does not recognize – positionality – there is also that wee little problem of segregation that liberals just can’t seem to abandon. The “ethnic studies” training does not even apologize for the blatant presentation of segregation among teachers, and in fact touts it as if it is a good thing to isolate teachers by race in order to train for the next school year.

It is not a comforting to know that your child’s teachers are learning how to segregate themselves and their ideas according to race. It is actually quite chilling.

Here is how the documents, as posted by the district, describe the ‘white teachers’ portion of the training (gird your loins for a whole lot of ten dollar words that add up to zero):

A faculty discussion will focus on how white teachers can participate in ethnic studies work. It involves an analysis and reflection about their privilege, power and position, an authentic definition for ethnic studies that is faithful to multidisciplinary fields, two lesson plans that deal with white supremacy culture, whiteness decentering, and an action plan that promotes professional growth. According to research, educators will be able to learn the value of ethnic studies for all youth. They’ll also understand how to handle white grief, fragility, navigate difficult conversations, build a healing school, and participate in model lessons. That highlight  white allies in our history who conspire with black indigenous and people of color to fight for justice in solidarity with by POC.

This is a vile betrayal of the work our forefathers – many of whom are still alive – did to save America from the scourge of segregation and racism in the 60s era Civil Rights Movement.

You can imagine this program being offered to teachers of color to help them communicate with students from other races and address their concerns regarding diversity and ethnicity. It is absurd to even imagine this happening.

It’s laughable to say that critical racism theory isn’t taught in school. It is being handed to teachers to be delivered to students. It’s cloaked in the term “ethnic studies” but just a quick perusal of the training session shows the horrifically bias nature. This isn’t a study aimed at educating teachers on diversity. It is not a study that targets a specific group of people because they are white. White teachers are expected to bear the burden of all history, and to shut up about any opinions they may have about that, lest they succumb to their “fragility.” It is only framed as how they can diminish their own lives and accomplishments.

Pro tip: white Americans can be “ethnic” too.

Parents Defending Education founder Rhyen Stealey claims that it is only activist training disguised under ethnic studies.

“Any curriculum or pedagogy that requires special trainings for white teachers and students should be a major red flag. Liberated ethnic studies requires students to become trained activists to ‘end oppression.’ Ethnic studies should be for students to learn and appreciate the histories of other cultures but should not be used simultaneously to disparage the United States and Western Civilization.”

The Napa Valley Unified School District – which means, in turn, the taxpayers – is paying close to $1000/hr for this racist drivel.

These parents wonder why they are so angry at the school boards across the nation.

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