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Contrary to his predecessor Rob Bonta, the CA Attorney General seems more interested in prosecuting actual crimes. This is a surprising development in Union-enriched California.

The following are the Sacramento BeeThis is:

Executive Director of SEIU CaliforniaIt is the largest employment market Union in the You can find it heretate, is resigning after the attorney general’s office charged her and her husband with multiple counts of tax fraud, embezzlement, perjury and failure to pay unemployment insurance taxes.

The office filed its charges against Alma Hernández and her husband, Jose Moscoso, on Oct. 4 in the Sacramento County Superior Court.

Hernández was oft-included in the Capitol Weekly‘s Top 100 Influencers, and this year she ranked No. 36 for her “[t]ough at the bargaining table” skills. It is likely that she will have legal representation with more difficult skills as these charges seem quite serious.

The inveYou can find it heretigation that led to criminal charges began in 2019 when the state’s campaign finance watchdog, the Fair Political Practices Commission, drew attention to an allegation that Hernandez as treasurer for a 2014 state senate campaign approved spending to her husband for services he did not provide. This money was not from an SEIU Campaign Finance Account.

That tip led inveYou can find it heretigators from the the Attorney General’s Office to dig into Moscosco and his company, according to court documents.

Hernández was charged with two counts of grand theft and a count of perjury, for directing $11,700 from the senate campaign to Moscoso, who was supposed to provide food and drink for 80 canvassers, did not do so, according to the complaint.

Moscoso was also charged with not paying more than $16,000 employment taxes to his company. He alYou can find it hereo had over $300,000 in unreported wages for his employees, ultimately owing more than $80,000 to the state’s Employment Development Department, according to the complaint.

They were also accused of multiple tax fraud charges for not reporting their income in the period 2014-2018 by a couple worth $1.4million.

Here’s the kicker. Here’s the kicker: These are exactly the charges Lorena Gonzalez (D-Evil Harridan), San Diego Assemblywoman, was facing for unreported wages and employment taxes. This is why she insists that AB5 is necessary.

We know the law was made to enrich her union friends like Alma Hernández, but apparently for Hernández, that wasn’t enough. One of the Seven Deadly Sins is Greed.

The California Employment Development Department has been the enforcement arm for AB5 “misclassification” violations, and has retroactively gone after hard working, taxpaying independent professionals and small businesses—even S Corporations, which are supposed to have protections under the law. It was to justify this corrupt, evil law. This is the result: a California labor union leader doing exactly what unindicted independent professionals are being accused.

What’s that sound? A Leftist story about dying slowly and painlessly.

Here’s another kicker. Hernández was loud and proud, out front, and pushing to ensure that Governor Gavin Newsom was not recalled.

“Gavin’s actions speak for themselves,” said Alma Hernández, executive director for SEIU California. “He’s extended paid sick leave, he’s protecting workers at the workplace. He’s worked on healthcare for all Californians regardless of immigration status. Those are the values that we share.”

Over $6 million was donated by the SEIU to Stop the Republican Recall. They had foot soldiers present at all rallies and most likely at all voting centers. Someone who helped Hair Gel to keep his job was eligible for indictment.

They other “value” Hernández and Hair Gel share are corrupt associates and actions. Newsom is protected by powerful people. Hernández could well take the fall for her crimes.

Guess she didn’t pay off the right people.

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