CA High School Considers Planned Parenthood ON CAMPUS

When I was in high school, I couldn’t even decide how long to cook pasta. Now, if a school board in California has its way, high schoolers will be allowed to abort their kids, take hormonal birth control and even receive gender-affirming “care” all during the eight-hour school day.

A school board in southern California is considering adding a Planned Parenthood clinic to John Glenn HIGH SCHOOL, according to Fox News. A backlash ensued, and the board postponed the decision … for now.

Blue states have been pushing for pro-abortion legislations since June’s Roe v. Wade was overturned. California in particular, under the direction of Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom, allows abortion through all nine months of pregnancy so it’s no surprise that the state was about to allow a Planned Parenthood clinic on a literal high school campus. 

The school board site listed the proposal that the board planned to discuss Monday. The clinic supposedly would serve nine purposes, including: the insertion and distribution of hormonal birth control, “laboratory services related to reproductive health” (that couldn’t be any more vague), and what they called “walk-in services,” which opens the door to practically anything they want to do. Though the proposal doesn’t mention abortion or gender-affirming hormone therapy specifically, it does clarify that referrals to other Planned Parenthood centers would be provided “for services not offered” at the school. 

Nicole Neily, president and founder of Parents Defending Education, explained her disapproval to  Fox News Digital.

Other Planned Parenthood clinics do provide gender-affirming hormone therapy, so there is a very real possibility students will be referred off-campus to receive this treatment -– again, with zero parental notification. To make matters worse, parents will not be able to obtain the information. Planned Parenthood is required to keep all medical records.

Ryan Heath (an attorney and the founder of The Gavel Project) appeared on Fox News Tuesday to discuss the plans for the clinic. 

While a lot of people feel strongly about abortion, I really wanted to make it clear that we are trying to establish transgender conversion centers on high school campuses. This is where children are most vulnerable to peer pressure.

This is scary. 

The clinic agreement also mentioned that California law does not require parental consent to receive “reproductive health services.” So, 15 year old kids can come in to kill their own kids without parental consent or start taking medicine to “transition” but aren’t even old enough to obtain a drivers license. 

In 2019, Los Angeles County Planned Parenthood chapter said it was opening 50 new high school clinics to provide “health care services, education, parent resources, and support” to students. This is one more effort to accomplish that. 

Heath mentioned another interesting fact about CA school system funding Planned Parenthood clinics and not being funneled to actual school requirements. 

We can’t figure out for some reason here in this state, or really anywhere why it is that we cant solve these active shooter problems, we can’t solve the on campus violence problems for kids, but for some reason we can find extra funds to put in these Planned Parenthood facilities at school campuses.

Protesters and parents protested the decision to place the clinic in the building of the school board as a result. This protest led to the board’s eventual decision to postpone the discussion, hopefully indefinitely, but judging by Cali’s tract record, I doubt it.


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