By Any Other Name, It’s Orwell’s ‘Ministry of Truth’ – Opinion

These highlights were highlighted this morning. The details of 1984 are available in a Book.

They can give it any cute title they want. “Dept of FeelGoodness” is another they might have considered, but the title they settled on is “Disinformation Governance Board.” It will be headed by a troubling individual named Nina Jankowicz. She’s started to scrub her social media —  but for someone who will be heading a federal agency that will ostensibly track information, Jankowicz is kinda slow to the party.

She’s dangerous and indecisive. Her history is filled with bizarre rants and well-documented. These are just a few examples of Field Marshal Jankowicz’s free time.

Don’t watch the videos if you’ve eaten in the last 30 minutes, but in the second video Jankowicz put her craziness to song,

Do uniforms for Ministry even seem so distant?

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