Buying A Used Order Picker: 5 Things To Consider

When you own a business, you need the necessary equipment to operate that business. If your business involves the handling and carrying of heavy goods in bulk, then you will most likely need an order picker or a forklift. 

There have been a lot of advancements in forklift technology, we have new ergonomic designs that have been created to make operations go smoothly and to improve productivity. These advancements have also caused a huge range of forklifts to be available, making picking a perfect one a tad more difficult. 

For those just starting with their businesses, you might not need a brand-new order picker immediately. Starting a business involves cutting costs where necessary, so you can maximize profits and move money to other areas that need funding. It may be tricky finding a used order picked, but it’s not impossible. 

Many times you might be fixated on a particular criterion causing you to neglect other important ones, therefore, leading you to make the wrong choice. Other times, you might take advice from other business owners who might not consider the peculiarities of your business and end up suggesting unsuitable order picker choices for you. 

This guide exists to help you in buying a used order picker. With this guide, you will be able to avoid most of the mistakes beginners always make. 

Know The Forklift Classes

This is a mandatory first step if you want to purchase a used order picker. There is a range of forklifts, and knowing their classes will help you make the right choice for your business. 

Buying a used order picker is always a huge steal, but make sure it is in the class that best suits your business. There are seven classes of order pickers, and each of the classes has its very different uses and makes. Some of them are for narrow aisles, while others are for rough terrain. 

These classes will inform your choice based on what kind of business you run and how your goods are arranged and the environment they are in. Replacement Parts

Sometimes you might stumble on a shiny order picker for a great price, and you rush into buying it, but that’s almost always a bad idea. An important consideration you may have forgotten is the availability of replacement parts. Consider the access to parts based on the brand of forklift you may have chosen. If it might take you a lot of money and time to source replacement parts, you should let it go. 

Get A Good Dealer

You have to be mindful of the dealer who is selling you the order picker. This is very critical if you are getting a used order picker for sale. Get an account of their track record and return policy, if they have an online presence you can check the reviews they have and see if there are any ones you should be bothered about. They should also provide some form of support services for the equipment you bought. 

Weigh The Pros And Cons

Whatever choice you make, you must weigh the pros and cons against each other. This is important as getting an order picker is a hefty investment, and it has to improve your business for it to be justified. You can ask someone in the same business line as you to give you a rundown of their thought process to make your choice easier. 

Environmental Impact

This equipment uses a lot of fossil fuels and energy and in a world that is being impacted by climate change, you should consider getting a used order picker that doesn’t use too much energy. You can consider getting an electric one that doesn’t run on fossil fuels. You can also make your operations more efficient, so you don’t need a huge number of pickers. 

Consider Operator Comfort And Safety

This is also important because you want the person operating your order picker to be comfortable and safe. This equipment is used for a long time to pick a huge number of things, so operator safety should be a priority. 

Some features such as step height are crucial to operator safety and should not be compromised for cheaper options. The more comfortable your operator, the more productive they will be. 

There are many used order picker options in the market and if one is careful they might make a costly mistake when picking one. Hopefully, this guide will point you in the right direction for the best equipment for your business.

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