Business Owners: What Printer is Best For You

Did you know that one of the most important choices for any business is what kind of printer to use? 50% of companies say they depend on a printer for day-to-day activities and cannot operate without one. 

For example, law uses 250 pages per day, auto uses 248 pages, and healthcare uses 178 pages. When a business uses an ink printer, its supply costs can skyrocket. Companies that use ink printers can spend upwards of $12,000 on ink cartridges, which can seem like a waste because 20-50% of those cartridges are used for cleaning and maintenance. 

A smart alternative for businesses is to look into using a laser printer. These printers are 2-3x faster than ink printers, and their ink does not dry up or expire, which can cut back on expenses. 

Lexmark printers are the solution to the business printer issue. Their printers are the only ones on the market with a steel frame construction, making them super durable for office use. They also have the capacity for multiple employees to use a single printer, creating a “printer network” for the company and allowing it to become a “smart office.”
Business owners, do your research and choose the best small business printer for your company.

Stop Making Your Business Printer an Afterthought

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