‘Burn Down’ SCOTUS: 67 Leftist Posts Threaten, Call for Violence on Platforms Post-Roe


RuthSentUs’ and Antifa Sacramento’s Twitter accounts made headlines for the pro-abortion leftist hysteria that erupted online following the upturning of Roe v. WadeIt quickly turned into violence threats and explicit callings for violence. Many of these were not deleted by the main tech platform Twitter. 

MRC Free Speech America uncovered 67 posts calling for or threatening violence against Supreme Court justices and the government across TikTok. Most of the offensive tweets were posted on Twitter. Yet Twitter permanently banned then-President Donald Trump in January 2021 for a supposed risk of “incitement of violence.”

Ruth Sent Us, Radical Pro-Abortion Protestors threatened, “You just see what we do at our protest coming up. Day of rage is for ******* compared to what we have planned. White Rage is real. Also, LGBTQ+EI–EIO rage is real. All Tran-y’s are also ready to ***** our targets. See us on the news for what we are about to do about #RoeVWade.”

“#DeathToPatriarchy,” Antifa Sacramento tweeted. “They need to burn down the Supreme Court,” another Twitter user said in a tweet. “With the justices inside of it.” Another Twitter user posted, “#DeathToJustices.” As highlighted by the Libs of TikTok Twitter accountA TikTok user said on video: “I’m not not advocating for burning down buildings. I’m not not advocating for it. But trauma and destruction’s [sic]This is the kind of thing I love. If you want to send blood from your uterus directly to the Supreme Court, then I’m the one who did it. So, you know, let’s do it.”

While Jane’s Revenge, a group that claimed to be attacking and burning pro-life organizations, has been suspended from Twitter, Ruth Sent Us is still allowed to post on the platform. “Jane’s Revenge won’t one-up us.  Ever! Sharpening our coat hangers for the #abortionrights #RoeVWade protests,” RuthSentUs wrote in a tweet. “Also confronting #GunControlNow advocates! For our protection, we will keep our guns and coat hangers. #Pride goeth before a fall/autumn.”

Antifa Sacramento, meanwhile, celebrated pro-abortion attacks upon pro-life centres. “‘ Jane Was Here ‘ on the side of the firebombed CompassCare! #DeathToFascism,” the account tweeted. Then added on the tweet thread, “Solidarity! Now, Sound on! This is the second time CompassCare was set on fire. It’s an anti-abortion centre in Buffalo. #DeathToPatriarchy #JanesRevenge.”

A number of threats were made in response to calls for violence. One example is a Twitter user who has not been identified tweeted, “we gotta bring back assassination.” Another user responded, “I’ve literally been saying like someone gotta bring this sh[*]t back because clearly it was working before.” Both tweets remain uncensored on Twitter. A tweetUncensored Molotov Cocktail Recipe is also available a hope that someone shoot Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas “in the head.”

Ironically, leftists called out for the same brutality Democrats and leftist media accuse conservatives of engaging in. “So… insurrection?” tweetedAn unverified account A different user quote-tweeted the suggestion and commented, “If brave American people [sic] willing 🙏.” Twitter has not censored the tweets, although it banned Trump for supposedly inciting violence. Another Twitter user asked, “can we go burn down the supreme court[?]” It was just one of at least two dozen calls to burn down or bomb the nation’s highest court, which stands just across the street from the U.S. Capitol.

Twitter wasn’t the only platform hosting uncensored threatening or violent content. 

A post advertising a pro-abortion protest at Monument Circle in Indianapolis, IN on Instagram spurred a whole series of violent comments, including, “Bricks through windows.” Libs of TikTok shared a TikTok video of a man who, following the caption “roe v wade was overturned,” swung an ax and rolled a skull across the ground.  “Off with their heads,” the video said, “heads should roll.”

Others pro-abortion leftists called explicitly for the execution of murder. “If, in the future, someone attempts to break into Clarence Thomas’s House to kill him. Let them!#RoeVWade,” tweetedOne pro-abortion person. Twitter did remove at least one tweet calling for Thomas’s murder. 

Twitter’s Violent threats policy states, “You may not threaten violence against an individual or a group of people. We also prohibit the glorification of violence.” Twitter’s Hateful conduct policy further states, “You may not promote violence against or directly attack or threaten other people on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, caste, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, [or] religious affiliation.”

Some other violent social media posts, which appear to have violated social media policy, include a comment thread that included threats against Meta-owned Instagram as well as four TikTok postings. Some of these posts may not be visible online.

Instagram’s policies state that the platform removes “credible threats of violence.” TikTok bans videos “that incite or provoke violence.”

Conservatives being attacked. Your representatives should be contacted to demand Big Tech is held accountable to the First Amendment, while ensuring transparency and equality for conservatives. Contact us at Media Research Center if you feel your voice has been blocked. Contact formPlease help us make Big Tech more accountable.

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