Burgess Owens Shreds ‘View’ Co-Host Sunny Hostin After She Calls Black Republicans an ‘Oxymoron’ – Opinion

We wrote Tuesday about how “View” co-host Sunny Hostin let an accidental truth slip out about herself during the Monday episode of the program, with the accidental truth being that for a former federal prosecutor and self-described member of the Supreme Court Bar, she was awfully clueless about the workings of the Supreme Court as well as U.S. Code on protests outside of judges’ homes.

But truth be told, Hostin and her fellow Mean Girls on “The View” tell on themselves just about every day when they open their mouths and let the inevitable ignorance, stupidity, and intolerance for differing viewpoints spew forth.

We’ve documented numerous instances here, but a new one that’s come to my attention was another segment involving Hostin, this one from last Friday when the panel was discussing possible conflicts of interests involving new White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, who is in a relationship with CNN correspondent/anchor Suzanne Malveaux.

According to previous reports, Hostin later asked Lindsey Granger, a black guest host, if she was Republican. When Granger confirmed she was, Hostin proceeded to insult her by claiming the term was an “oxymoron.” To her credit, Granger responded in kind.

It’s available for those who haven’t seen it yet:

Rep. Burgess Owens, a Republican from Utah was recently asked about these comments in a Newsmax interview. Owens is not the first to be treated second-class by Hostin and other black Republicans. Owens did not hold back, accusing Hostin of deliberately ignoring the real issues the black community faces and saying that liberals like Hostin are the “worst of the worst” in this country because everything they do is for power and profit rather than helping the people they claim to want to represent and protect:

I would even go so far as to say that one big reason the privileged Sunny Hostins of the world “don’t understand” black Republicans and black Latinos is because they don’t want to and believe they don’t have to in order to get ahead in life. Rather than get out in the real world, they live in a woke bubble, where everything they say is treated as the gospel “yaaass qween!” truth complete with the applause, “amens,” and all the other accolades that go along with being considered sufficiently woke in social justice warrior circles.

Interestingly enough, it’s these same people who will be the first to portray themselves as open-minded, tolerant, compassionate liberals, but let the first black conservative speak up in front of them with a contrary opinion, and it is open season, just like it was on the Friday show.

I’ll close with some words of wisdom from my RS colleague Jennifer Oliver O’Connell, a black conservative who schooled Hostin Friday with the 411 on why there were black and Hispanic people out there – a whole lot of them – who chose a different path politically than Hostin did:

Latinos and Blacks are now Republicans, but we’re not seeking saviors nor champions. We want to have our Constitutional rights protected. This is not the only position that Republicans take, however we are certain every Democrat supports it. Freedom to educate and raise our children in the way we choose without interference from government. Freedom to achieve the American Dream by entrepreneurship, land ownership and the protection of those assets through the 2nd Amendment. Many have witnessed the destruction done by this government savior mentality over decades. We prefer to take a different path.

Conservative values and Republican principles are in direct opposition to the paternalistic, destructive and tone-deaf policies of Democrats. Sunny Hostin is a regular visitor to the progressive stew. You cannot help but smile and pretend not to understand.

‘Nuff said.

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