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Budgeting Tips: How to Have an Amazing Wedding on a Small Budget

In 2019, the average price of a wedding was $33,900. Although this includes all of the costs involved, such as the ring, reception, and food, it’s hard to deny that it’s expensive.

However, there’s nothing wrong with affordable weddings. In many cases, cheap weddings can have all of the major attractions of expensive ones, with some minor differences. But what can you do to save money?

Keep reading for a guide on how to have an unforgettable wedding on a small budget. 

Reexamine the Guest List 

When planning your wedding, it’s tempting to put as many people as you can onto the guest list. Be aware that this is the easiest way to jack up the cost of your wedding.

Once you write the initial guest list, look it over once to find people that you can take off. Although your family and close friends should attend, you shouldn’t feel obligated to invite anyone.

Ask for Help From Talented Friends

Take a look at your friends and family. Is there anyone who has a talent and can fill a role at the wedding?

If you know someone skilled in photography, they can take pictures as a wedding gift. You can also hire your virtuoso friends to play music instead of having to worry about finding a band. 

Have the Ceremony Outdoors or at Home

Wedding venues are expensive, and often, you can find other beautiful locations at a more affordable price.

If you can’t have the wedding at your home, consider having it at a parent or family member’s house. You can also have it at a public park. It promises a picturesque setting that won’t break your budget. Make sure that you have a backup plan in case of bad weather.

Make Your Own Invitations

Invitations are another area that people spend huge amounts of money on. Consider trying to make your own instead.

Certain websites give you design templates to choose from. You can enter the necessary information, then print the invitations using a quality printer. If you do it right, no one will know the difference, and you can put the savings towards an amazing honeymoon.

Choose an Affordable Wedding Ring

It’s important that you like how your ring feels and looks, but that doesn’t mean that it needs to be thousands of dollars. If you’re looking to have a low-cost wedding, going with a cheaper (but beautiful) ring can be a good tactic.

Check out this guide on how to find quality engagement rings at affordable prices that your partner will love. 

Follow These Tips for a Great Wedding on a Small Budget

If you’re dreaming of an elaborate and unforgettable wedding, having to stick to a budget can seem like a hindrance. Yet as this guide explains, it’s possible to have a fantastic wedding on a small budget. Follow these tips, and you’re certain to have an unforgettable night.

Do you have any other suggestions on how to have an amazing, low-cost wedding? Let us know!

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