Bronny James Gets Criticized For Taking White Friend To Prom

Our nation believes that you can love whomever you want … unless you’re a rich black teenager that chooses to take a white girl to prom.

That’s what happened on Wednesday, when LeBron James’ son Bronny faced serious backlash for deciding to bring his classmate Peyton Gelfuso to their prom at their Sierra Canyon School in Los Angeles, California. Bronny posted several pictures to his Instagram account, and a lot of people commented on it mocking Bronny’s choice of date.

You can expect to see your IQ drop by many points.

“That girl is whiter than white bruh,” one user said.

“Should’ve got a black queen like his dad,” someone wrote on Twitter followed by an angry face emoji.

“Lost another black king to a money hungry white girl. Bron gotta do better SMH,” someone else said.

LeBron’s children are more fortunate than we think. Maybe they will do better,” some else added.

Are we serious right now?

What should’ve been a night where a 17-year-old kid takes a friend out to prom in a $326,000 Mercedes AMG GT Coupe (yes, the James’ are that rich) turned into a degrading dialogue by people that have nothing to do with Bronny’s life. If America really is a place where skin color shouldn’t determine your value or who you love, then how can Bronny be subjected to criticism for taking a white girl to prom?

Plus, calling Gelfuso a “gold digger” is not only highly inappropriate, but probably not an accurate representation of her family’s financial status. It costs $40,000 per year to attend Sierra Canyon, which means no poor people can afford to go there. Gelfuso likely wasn’t looking to just mooch off the rich kid in the class for some short-lived attention, she was probably going because the son of the most famous basketball player in the world just asked her to prom. It’s hard to believe anyone would refuse that offer.

While LeBron has yet to come to his son’s defense, former NFL quarterback Robert Griffin III came to Bronny’s defense.

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