Brittany Pilkington

Mom Killed Three Sons ‘So They Wouldn’t Grow Up to Abuse Women’

An Ohio mother was sentenced to 37 years in prison on Tuesday for suffocating three of her boys to death. 

Brittany Pilkington, 27, pleaded guilty to killing 4-year-old Gavin, 3-month-old Niall and three-month-old Noah between July 2014 and August 2015. The plea deal kept her from facing the death penalty.

Police arrested Pilkington in August 2015 for the death of Noah, which was at first deemed unexplained. During questioning, she admitted to using blankets to suffocate her other two sons as well.

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Pilkington told authorities she feared her sons would grow up to abuse women in the way men had abuse her. She also said she was depressed and jealous of the attention her husband gave to her son, but not to her or their daughter, Hailey.

Each time Pilkington killed a child, she waited for her husband to come home from work to find him.

Logan County Prosecutor Eric Stewart said the state’s experts felt the death penalty was not appropriate in the case because of Pilkington’s “mental defects.”

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Pilkington’s attorney Kort Gatterdam said she suffered lead poisoning and years of physical and sexual abuse.

Following Noah’s death, Pilkington’s husband, Joseph Pilkington, was charged with sexual battery for impregnating his wife in 2009, when she was 17 years old. Hailey was taken into custody by a child welfare agency.

Before their marriage, Pilkington helped raise his wife as her mother’s long-time live-in-boyfriend.

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