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As bad as things might be in the United States, for the moment, those within her borders can still peer across the pond and say, “at least we aren’t those guys.” That’s the story out of the United Kingdom after British police confronted, handcuffed, and arrested a man for sharing a meme on Facebook. The details of his grave offense, which we’ll get to, only make things worse.

Here’s what the scene looked like as several cops stood around accosting a man, telling him that he is going to be arrested for causing someone “anxiety” with his social media post.

The video is so insane that you’d expect it was taken out of context. Well, I say that, but it is 2022, so perhaps it’s safer to fully expect it wasn’t taken out of context. Regardless, what’s in the video is not deceptively edited. A British veteran of the military was arrested by police for creating a meme. Laurence Fox was also detained for filming the incident.

The Epoch Times gives you a little more context.

The actor and political activist Laurence Fox filmed Hampshire Police arresting a man at his home for posting an offensive meme on Facebook, allegedly after a complaint was made and the suspect refused to pay for and attend what he called a “reeducation” class.

Hampshire Police have been criticised for arresting and handcuffing an army veteran for an “alleged hate crime” at his home in Basingstoke, southern England, on Thursday after he posted an image of the transgender flag which was mocked up to look like a swastika on social media.

Police & Crime Commissioner Hampshire & Isle of Wight told The Epoch Times in a statement by email that she was “concerned about both the proportionality and necessity of the police’s response to this incident.”

So what exactly was posted that caused the British police to go full-fascist, arresting a man for “malicious communication?” According to Greg Price, who has been researching the story, it was a meme of “progress pride” flags (the hideous-looking ones that started being widely used this year) arranged as a Swastika.

That’s some serious irony, isn’t it? With his meme, this man indicated that the LGBT lobby was fascist. They stomp on individual rights in order to promote their ideology. These police officers were there to enforce his beliefs. The man proved his point even though he was taken into custody.

What should leave US residents with an uneasy feeling is that the only thing standing between them and the same treatment is the Bill of Rights – and Democrats are actively seeking to undermine it. They want a society where you can be charged with “malicious communication” for mocking woke ideology. It’s up to normal Americans to stand up and make clear that won’t be tolerated here.

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