Brian Stelter’s Days at CNN Are Reportedly Numbered – Opinion

For anyone who’s watched Brian Stelter at CNN over the years, it’s hard to imagine why anyone would give him a job or keep him on. CNN’s inability to cover media/news for as long shows how much their coverage has been lacking.

Jeff Zucker has left, but the Discovery owners want CNN to return to its roots. They also intend to limit opinion content. That’s not good news for someone like Brian Stelter, whose whole shtick isn’t reporting news — it’s just attacking Fox.

We saw on Friday how Stelter reached new heights of bootlicking, being a shill to defend White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki after she attacked Fox News’ reporter, Peter Doocy. Psaki claimed that Fox fed Doocy questions to ask Psaki, and that “might make anyone sound like a stupid son of a b**ch.”

Stelter dared to say that she didn’t “criticize him directly.” Not only that, he didn’t criticize her attack on the press or their right to ask questions. If it had been the Trump Administration, we never would have heard the end of it from him in response — we would have heard how the press was being threatened and that the end of democracy was nigh.

Stelter was a constant nightmare for many years. Recently, he got nailed for it in a glorious moment by a young student reporter at The Chicago Thinker during a “disinformation” conference that Stelter was speaking at — irony of all ironies. Tucker Carlson heard about the incident from Chris Phillips (a student).

But now there’s word that Stelter’s days at CNN may be numbered.

“Brian Stelter’s days are numbered with the network,” journalist Jon Nicosia says sources told him.

Discovery management “very much considers him a Zucker henchmen and embarrassment” and believes he is “a negative partisan lighting rod and distraction going forward” /more to come.

We can’t help but laugh at the thought that this person might be getting the end of the long arm karma. There are few people in media–in any position–who more deserves the ax than Stelter. He would be a great hire if they fired him. These are his only options. Is he planning to run for office? MSNBC: Where is Jen Psaki going to run?

Maybe that would explain why he’s shilling for her–hoping that she’d put in a word for him there. He can also take over for Psaki at White House. He’s such a Democratic operative, that would be the perfect fit. He’s already not trusted by anyone, so he’d just go from one non-trusted position to another, just being more open about being a Democratic shill.

At this point, CNN is in such a morass, and they’re foundering–with the failure of things like their new streaming service CNN+ that allegedly has left Chris Wallace apoplectic. Given the damage Zucker caused, it may not be possible to save CNN. They can still go higher if they get rid of all the junk like Stelter.

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