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CNN CEO Jeff Zucker resigned on Wednesday, citing a “consensual relationship” with a co-worker. Allison Gollust was the Executive Vice President of CNN and Chief Marketing Officer. She acknowledged that they had a relationship which began recently. Gollust was not only a close collaborator with Zucker over many years at NBC/NBCN, but also served as a communications director to former Governor Andrew Cuomo. Other people familiar with the network claimed that it had been a secret for many years.

It might have been because the Cuomos allowed their ethics to be violated and CNN was in essence promoting Andrew Cuomo’s status as a hero of pandemics during his interviews with Chris. Indeed, then there was a report that the recently fired Chris Cuomo’s lawyers had sent a letter to CNN, demanding the preservation of all communications between Zucker, comms chief Allison Gollust, and Andrew Cuomo. Chris Cuomo is trying get his remaining $ 18 million paycheck from CNN. So it looked like he was pulling the chain on what he knew in what I called “Fredo’s Revenge.” That would also suggest that there may be more yet to come in those communications that isn’t going to be good for CNN.

CNN is taking another hit this morning from a CNN “insider,” who is now saying that someone else at the network should get the boot — that’s Brian Stelter — because he didn’t expose the relationship that was an open secret about Zucker and Gollust.

‘The network needs to step up and fire Brian Stelter,’ a CNN insider tells ‘He is allegedly our top media reporter – yet he failed to report on the scoop that everyone in the office knew. And if he wants to say he didn’t know, he is truly terrible at his job.’ [….]

One cable news veteran who wishes to remain anonymous spoke about the strong relationship between Stelter & Zucker.

‘Brian Stelter should be calling his agent to start looking for another job,’ they said. ‘He’s been Jeff Zucker’s water boy for years and no one believes he didn’t know about all of this.’

According to the source, Stelter is often critical of other networks like Fox News.

‘He’s been sitting on his moral high horse doing Jeff’s bidding and ripping Fox and every other media outlet that Jeff tells him to while his ratings crash and burn. Where was he on the biggest story at his own network after chastising everyone else?’

Stelter should get canned because he’s never done his job correctly, much less in an even-handed manner. He deserves to be canned for many other reasons, including this. For transforming his job into a constant attack on Fox, he should be canned. That’s basically all he does. That’s not being a “media reporter” and that’s one reason he’s hasn’t been honest about CNN or Zucker.

But, it is a good idea to fire the majority of hosts/anchors as well as the network’s top brass for allowing them to terminate people who don’t do their job. Zucker was a part of this. However, there are many other problems. It’s the reason that they’ve not only become scandal-plagued but why their ratings have crashed into the basement, dropping an astounding 90 percent in the first week of the new year. The only option they have to save themselves, if that’s even possible, is to go back to straight news. Zucker going is a step in the right direction but there’s a lot more swamp to clean out.

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