Brian Stelter Finally Drops the Act, Calls for Press to Trouble Republicans While Softballing Democrats – Opinion

Brian Stelter has never been good at hiding his very extreme bias to the left, but either he thinks he does or he truly believes he’s a centrist. Either way, he’s very wrong.

Now Stelter seems to be openly calling for the press to cover the right differently from the left because he believes all this “fair coverage” is only exacerbating a radicalism on the right.

According to Fox News, Stelter’s Sunday program had a segment featuring an LA Times columnist named Jackie Calmes where the two discussed the need for the press to cover the right differently in an effort to stamp out the radicalism that he says has infected the Republican party:

“I want to dive right into your argument about what both-siderism is and why it’s failing the public,” Stelter said of Calmes, whose column on the subject won praise from liberal journalists. “Is it that we’re treating Democrats and Republicans equally and ignoring GOP radicalism, is that the heart of the problem?”

Calmes said that was “in a sense” correct.

“There’s no question that journalists are recognizing the radicalization of the Republican Party,” Calmes said. “I think what’s changed a little bit is that, since Trump left office there is more of a sense that maybe we’re back to normal.”

Calmes then declared “this is not a new problem or a new dynamic” but insisted that she has personally been fair throughout her career.

Calmes “fair” journalism includes a recently released book call “Dissent” about the “descent of the GOP.” She and Stelter discussed this book before Calmes suggested the GOP needs to be covered with more scrutiny and force than the Democrats.

“I just think an objective and fact-based treatment of the news often means you can’t report something that Republicans are doing without, and suggest that this is indicative of a broad or more general problem in our politics, without being clearer somehow that it is, no, this is peculiar to Republicans, this is the nature of the Republican Party,” Calmes told Stelter.

Calmes’ astonishing centrism continued with Calmes declaring that Republican Party has abandoned its small-government values in favor of an anti-government mentality.

What Calmes is suggesting is that the Republican Party is now a threat to America and as such, every little thing they do needs to be held up against that “threat” hot take. Our “fair” journalist here seems to want the right viewed as enemies of the state by the journalist community.

Stelter is a journalist who has always been balanced.

Keep in mind this is the same Stelter that declared in an angry Twitter response that he was not on a “side” while he continues to attack right-leaning news organization Fox, a network he seems incredibly insecure about not measuring up to. Brad Slager, my colleague covered the story. Stelter focused an entire segment on degrading Fox News’ 25th anniversary. The segment was more like an angry and obsessed ex than a media analyst. This is especially true given that Stelter doesn’t seem to be able to take down media outlets that share his ideologies.

Viewers seem to note this as they continue to evade Stelter’s programs and the ratings show it; something that Fox News reported to its multitude of readers.

Stelter of the left, long accused by liberal media critics for abandoning fairness and attacking conservative media but often giving credit to liberal organisations, is struggling to stay relevant under Joe Biden. His program has averaged fewer than one million viewers for seven straight months and his Oct. 17 episode was the lowest-rated “Reliable Sources” of the year among the key news demographic of adults age 25-54.

Hypocrisy aside, Stelter’s suggestion is beyond nefarious, but it’s an honest one at least, and one that pretty much already happens. It’s almost as if he’s trying to give the media, and himself, a moral excuse to openly hate the GOP from the news desk.

Either way, Stelter is finally making it clear what he wants, and that’s lopsided coverage of the right from the media, and he wants it done in an official capacity.

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