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This week has seen streaming music go berserk. Joe Rogan sold his YouTube commentary channel for an unbelievable amount of money in May 2020. Rogan was awarded a unique score. This also worked for Spotify as it tried to grow its podcasting unit. While Rogan isn’t necessarily conservative, neither is he the stupid variety of woke that insists you can only hear a pre-approved narrative for any event. His freewheeling discussions on COVID, something that our “public health” overlords would have been well advised to try rather than banning all debate, not only generated listeners, they poked some rather large holes in what we are allowed to believe about the virus that has essentially shaped our lives for the past two years.

The reaction of right-think Nazis was an exact replica of that of The Dude.

First, it was a slew of no-name academics and medical students hoping to be noticed by someone important demanding that Spotify cancel its contract with Rogan, see About Those ‘270 Doctors’ Calling to Censor Joe Rogan. As an aside, one really wonders if these morons understand how “contracts” work and what happens when you cancel one in violation of the contract. I’m guessing they don’t, but whatever. Then Neil Young joined in the fray (Neil Young Tells Spotify It’s Either Him or Joe Rogan). Full disclosure, I grew up on Buffalo Springfield, CSN, CSN&Y, and Neil Young. Lynyrd Skynyrd had already called him in. Sweet Home, AlabamaYoung had become too preachy to be entertaining and was no longer a fun listener. The culture and Young’s fan base had moved beyond Vietnam War protests songs, but I’m not sure Young ever did.

Since Young complained, a handful of other over-the-hill “artists” well past their expiration date have tried to create some new enthusiasm for their work (quick…name four Joni Mitchell singles other than Big Yellow Taxi) without visible signs of success (Like Lemmings off a Cliff, Joni Mitchell Follows Neil Young, Peter Frampton to Demand Spotify Remove Her Music, Thanks, Joe Rogan, for Alerting America That Neil Young and Joni Mitchell Are Still Alive).

Needless to say, because the main objection to Rogan was alleged “misinformation,” you just knew that eventually, Brian Stelter, our beloved Tater, was going to have to weigh in on the subject.

Stelter began by reading a statement by Spotify CEO Daniel Ek committing to having rules in place to push back on misinformation on the platform, but noted that it didn’t mention Rogan. He then played Rogan’s message in response to criticism and musicians pulling their music from Spotify, which included a promise to show more wide-ranging opinions in the future.

Which sounds great, but not all opinions are created equal,” Stelter said. “You think about major newsrooms like CNN that have health departments and desks and operations that work hard on verifying information on Covid-19. And then you have talk show stars like Joe Rogan who just wing it, who make it up as they go along.”

And because figures like Rogan are trusted by people that don’t trust real newsrooms, we have a tension, a problem, that’s much bigger than Spotify, much bigger than any single platform.

Irony is dead, and Tater just carried it away to Potter’s Field.

Let’s be serious. CNN is only listened to by the most apathetic news consumer. It is clear from ratings that this is the case. In terms of accuracy, it wasn’t Joe Rogan that carried water for the FBI’s laughable Russia Hoax for four years. CNN and Tater. In fact, the “elite” CNN “investigative” unit, CNN Investigates, was demolished because of its wildly incompetent reporting. Likewise, it wasn’t Joe Rogan who praised fraudster Michael Avenatti as a presidential contender.

It isn’t Joe Rogan who employs sexual predators and allows the brother of a failed Democrat governor to run interference for him with softball, on-air interviews. It certainly wasn’t Joe Rogan who misrepresented testimony from a House Committee investigating the nonexistent ties between Donald Trump, Jr. and Wikileaks (HAHAHA! CNN Gets Burned on Fake Story About Donald Trump Jr. and Wikileaks Email–UPDATED). It certainly wasn’t Joe Rogan who was punked by someone feeding him an apparently fictitious account of the telephone call between Joey SoftServe and Ukraine’s president and then had to retract the story (#ReleaseTheTranscript Trends After CNN Starts Deleting Damaging Reports on Joe Biden’s Ukraine Call).

The bottom line is that people know if they get wrong information on Joe Rogan’s show, it was not because they were deliberately lied to. CNN can’t make the same claim.

I could do this for another four or five hours, but what’s the purpose. CNN often lies, and they do so in the most spectacular way. They are a bunch of dolts. On their worst days, they can’t even take down transcriptions for the Biden White House. CNN isn’t news; CNN is a joke. Other news agencies use it as an example of how to hire blindingly incompetent people for almost every job.

This is actually good news. This shows America’s commitment to critical thinking. It shows that, as a nation, we aren’t willing to believe what the media power structure tells us without question. We can begin the countdown towards our nation’s collapse when Brian Stelter is believed by more people than anyone else on social media.


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