Stelter Watches Conservative Meme Trash Him in ‘Best Ever’ CNN Appearance

“These guys have learned absolutely nothing in 2 1/2 years.”

CNN host Brian Stelter on Sunday broadcast a right-wing meme mocking him and his network as “very fake news.”

Stelter aired the viral video during a segment of “Reliable Sources,” his weekly talk show, devoted to the idea that conservatives are dominating the “meme wars.” The clip is a doctored scene from “Space Balls,” the 1987 sci-fi parody,” in which political figures’ heads are superimposed over the characters’.

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The CNN host is made to play a buffoonish version of Darth Vader as he and other cable news personalities – CNN’s Don Lemon, Anderson Cooper and Wolf Blitzer, and MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow – haplessly chase a Luke Skywalker-like President Donald Trump and sidekick Mike Pence across the universe.

As the clip unfolds over a full 2 minutes, Stelter feigns journalistic remove: nodding, furrowing his brow, and vaguely smirking.

Conservative commentators responded with ruthless mockery


Red State’s Stephen Miller called out Stelter’s serious faces and said the liberal establishment is hopelessly out of touch.

Other viewers could hardly believe that Stelter had given them such a gift.

“Carpe Donktum,” the pro-Trump meme-maker himself, weighed in to thank Stelter for the publicity.

Stelter continued to act above it all.

But among conservatives, he long ago lost any claim to dignity.

In the past couple weeks alone, Stelter has been widely derided for his takes on Jussie Smollett’s non-prosecution and the media’s coverage of the Trump-Russia collusion claims. He was also trolled for his weight by Fox News counterpart Tucker Carlson.

Conspiracy theorist Mark Dice commented that Stelter seemed to want to be bullied.

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