Breaking911 Says Twitter ‘Permanently Suspended,’ Reinstated Account Due To ‘Error’

Twitter “temporarily ‘permanently suspended’” Breaking911’s news account for “ban evasion,” according to screenshots tweeted by the news outlet. But Breaking911 said it’s never been banned before.

Breaking911 tweeted that Twitter “temporarily ‘permanently suspended’” its account for “ban evasion,” but noted that “B911 has never been banned from the platform.” Twitter restored Breaking911’s account after the news site appealed the censorship. President of MRC, founder Brent Bozell called out the platform’s censorship. 

“Twitter must stop the endless censorship @elonmusk,” Bozell posted in a quote-tweetIt is important to emphasize the existence of censorship.

Twitter told Breaking911 that its account “has been suspended for violating the Twitter Rules, according to purported screenshots of Breaking911’s suspension notice. Specifically, for: Violating our rules against ban evasion.” In another notice shared by Breaking911, the platform further explained that the account “is permanently in read-only mode.”

A Twitter spokesperson described the platform’s ban evasion policy after a similar incident earlier this year. “We prohibit attempts to circumvent prior enforcement action, including through the use of other accounts,” said the spokesperson. 

Twitter did not respond to MRC Free Speech America’s request for comment and Breaking911 said that the tech platform didn’t respond to its inquiries either. 

However, Senior NBC News Reporter Brandy Zadrozny tweetedTwitter apparently sent her a message about the incident. The platform purportedly told her: “The account referenced was temporarily suspended in error by an automated spam filter. This action has been reversed and the account is now fully operational.”

Twitter did not suspend this user previously for evasive ban evasion. It has done so again. Two similar incidents were reported by MRC CensorTrack in February.

  • Twitter temporarily suspended Chalkboard Review due to alleged ban evasion. A Twitter spokesperson told MRC Free Speech America that the account was “permanently suspended for violating the Twitter Rules on ban evasion.” But Tony Kinnett, co-founder and executive director of Chalkboard Review, said the account was “the first and only one [they’ve] ever had.” Twitter reversed its decision less than 10 minutes after the platform responded to MRC’s request for comment.
  • The platform permanently suspended Defiant L’s and then quietly reinstated the account. The Defiant L’s Twitter accountTwitter was well-known for posting images of absurd tweets by famous liberals and headlines that were later contradicted or retweeted by other outlets. A Twitter spokesperson told MRC Free Speech America that the account was “permanently suspended for violations of our ban evasion policy.” Two hours after Twitter responded to MRC’s request for comment, the platform restored the account.

Neither Twitter nor Breaking911 responded to MRC Free Speech America’s request for comment at the time of publication.

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