BREAKING. Mysterious Fire Rips Through Secret Russian Bureau Responsible for Designing Missiles – Opinion

Thursday, a fire ripped through the Russian Ministry of Defense’s 2nd Central Scientific-Research Institute in Tver, some 80 miles northeast of Moscow.

This “research institute” is responsible for designing surface-to-air missiles and ballistic missiles for Russia’s aerospace military programs.

While there isn’t an official figure for the number of deaths, it appears that many were injured and others died.

According to the official story, old constructions and flammable insulation were set on fire.

This conflagration has many lessons to be learned.

  • Housing a critical design facility in a firetrap speaks volumes for the state of Russia’s military.
  • You can be certain that most of the design work will be on the computer hard drives and file servers in the facility. If data is lost, it could be disastrous.
  • If the number of dead and wounded runs to 40 or 50, that means a significant number of the design bureau’s scientific and engineering staff are out of action.

I am unsure how this accidental fire could have caused the fire to spread as it did.



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