Brad Slager Talks to Navy SEAL, Cong. Candidate Brady Duke, Who Looks to Flip a Blue District

CPAC Interview: I talk with Republican Brady Duke to discuss his candidacy in the race that best reflects this year’s electoral cycle.

This year’s election is being seen as an important swing in the 2012 midterm elections. So I sat down with a candidate to promote the coming wave of Republicans who want to make Congress a Red majority. Brady Duke, a former Navy SEAL is running for FL-7 in Central Florida. This district is at risk of being flipped by a long-term Democrat incumbent.

The 2022 election season is marked by this district race. There is the possibility of significant Republican gains, with more seats being turned and an increase in interest from the Republican party. Duke and me discussed his platform and how he sees Florida, and for the country as a whole. He is competing against a GOP field that has been growing in competition.


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